Finnish air

The Finnair is the flag of the Finnish airline and the largest airline in the country. Flying Finnair as part of a world tour ticket. Finnair App is a travel companion that gives you security from the preparation of the flight to landing at your destination. Finnair (IATA-kódja AY, ICAO-kódja FIN, hívójele: Finnair) Finnország legnagyobb légitársasága, melynek bázisa a Helsinki-Vantaa repül?tér.

Collect valid base miles on every purchase and flight with an eligible ticket published on Finnair.

Who is Finnair?

The Finnair Group is a networking carrier specialising in flights between Europe and Asia along the short North Coast routes. Through our transfer-friendly Helsinki Airport crossroads, we serve over 100 locations in Finland, Europe, Asia and North America. In the course of the years we have developed from a small Finish carrier to a prestigious member of the global aviation community.

On- and offline check-in opens 36 hrs before take-off and 24 hrs before for USA travel.

On- and offline check-in opens 36 hrs before take-off and 24 hrs before for USA travel. Alternatively, if you are the kind of guy who often misses check-in, you can sign up for Finnair's automated check-in services. Finnair will do this for you if you have not registered on-line and send your Boarding Card directly to your cell phone.

Mornings are confirmed between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on the eve and afternoons three hrs before board. The free luggage amount will depend on the trip category and duration. The Finnair works on a per item principle, with each item of luggage not exceeding 23 kg and 158 cm in weight.

If you are a passenger in International or Middle East International travel, you can take three bags on your journey to Europe or the Middle East. Economypro or Flexi Passenger may carry two items of baggage on all air lanes, while normal Economypassengers may carry one item of baggage on all itineraries.

There is a charge for coach travelers to reserve a place in the hotel in advance. The fare for a regular UK to or from Europe is 12 (approx 9.60), a luxury additional leg room seating 24 (approx 19.25 ) and a front seat in the cab can be reserved for 15 (approx 12).

The distance between the seats is quite large. In large-capacity aircraft, economical travellers have a seating distance of 32", while business-class travellers have a solid 60". Narrowbody aircraft used for short-haul routes have a seating distance of 28" to 31". Travellers in the Economy Division on boarding a flight in Europe receive a snack, usually a cool lettuce or sanwich.

There is no catering services on both national and short-haul routes, but you can also buy boarding pass foods and beverages here. Customers in Businessclass will be offered hot lunches and free alcohol on board Europe's overflights. On long-distance routes, economical travellers have the option, while business-class travellers profit from a refreshment on board.

With 87% of its 2013 flight movements, Finnair has a very good track-record.

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