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EQUIQHOSHOODHOOMIC MANAGEMENT PTE LTD. The Australian oil and gas company Woodside Petroleum Ltd. said it found gas in its second well off Myanmar after it had already discovered gas in January. Financial Inclusion for National Development in Myanmar (FIND) : If you buy Yale products in Myanmar, you will find the address of the dealers and contact information. Search agents, distributors, retailers, marketing professionals in Myanmar: effective solutions to increase your sales in Myanmar.


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Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar is inviting interested persons, groups and organizations to provide information and/or documents pertinent to their mandates, in particular on charges of violation and violation of fundamental freedoms in Myanmar since January 2011. Entries in other Myanmar minorities language will be acceptable, although they will take longer.

Inquiries may be made at any moment and the fact-finding missions encourage early submission where possible. It will be the last information period is 15 February 2018, after which it will become more and more complicated to consider the entries. Entries should contain the name and the author (s) name. Submitters/persons should indicate whether their submission or parts thereof should be kept confidential and if so, which.

What do you think of the flavour of Myanmar cooking? Is--.

What do you think of the flavour of Myanmar cooking? It' warm like Thai cakes? In general, Myanmar cooking is more mild than Thai one. Have the courage to try sharp foods. It was not as fiery as Thai foods. Myanmar Traditional Breakfast Mohinga, Shan Noodle, Tea Leaf Salad are renowned, Myanmar meals boiled with onion curry and chili powders, but Myanmar meals are not as Thai-flavoured.

We' ve always been enjoying our meal in Myanmar. At times heats up more than Thais, at other times not so much, but always very pleasant. Thailand-style cooking is definitely warmer than Myanmar foods. Eating in Myanmar tends to be fatter, but otherwise I liked it. We have enough meals that do not contain beef to make a good decision.

It wasn't as fiery as Thai cuisine. Generally I didn't find eating Myanmar cooking very spicy, but that may be because I always had the option of how spicy I wanted it. No, I don't like overly warm meals.

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