Filming in Myanmar

Shooting in Myanmar

Manufacturers and crew in Myanmar. Locate film, television and advertising production services to help you film in Myanmar, including Yangon. Would you like to know more about shooting in Burma? French film company makes a documentary about Myanmar's elephants working in the wood industry. I am a young Burmese freelance journalist and junkie based in Yangon.

Film & Photography in Yangon, Myanmar

I went filming and photographing for Addenbrooke's Abroad Volunteer'Trauma Intervention' in Myanmar (Burma) in May 2016. Myanmar's past has been tumultuous; for nearly 60 years of isolatedist dictatorship, it has been virtually out of the reach of health care workers to keep pace with global health trends. Working with a long Addenbrooke voluntary dream sister who acquainted me with the employees and various divisions of Yangon General Hospital and the University of Medicine with whom the voluntary activities were inseparable.

I have planned my trip so that it overlaps with a volunteer from Cambridge, including clinic skill and pathological hematologists.

Burma has been briefed on the journalists' intentions.

They were detained for a trial on 10 November. There was no date for a meeting of the drivers and the interpreters, who were also detained. "After interviewing a congressman, our flight attendant wanted to shoot the parliamentary house in the capitol with a UAV.

You were arrested by law enforcement before you flew the drone." After being arrested in the mornings, reporters were interviewed at a Myanmar policing center in Naypyitaw, Myanmar's capitol. You made a film. Choy Lin and Hon Meng Lau came to Yangon on October 21 with Myanmar authorities' workvisas.

Until October 27, they filmed at various places with traditional camera equipment and a UAV. Myanmar's Ministry of Information was previously notified of all the shooting and the shooting plan. You were arrested by a guard before you flew the UAV. Safety officers have declared that our garrison has been held under an import/export act that governs the arrival of UAVs into the state.

The Aung Naing Soe house was attacked by the cops, his computer and harddisk were seized, and he was refused entry to his wife and his solicitors. Malaysian national Mok Choy Lin and free camera man Lau Hon Meng, a Singapore national, are detained in a law enforcement center. Aung Naing Soe and Hla Tin, Myanmar residents, are being detained in another one.

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