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Movie Myanmar

" I made this film for an international screening, not for a local screening, because I don't like the film censorship of the military government. Yangon Film Festival, Myanmar. {\a6}- Home - About us - Program & Guests - Conferences - Myanmar Script Fund - Journalism & Culture - Partners - Contact. When the cinemas do not change, they will be "reappropriated" by the government, said U Thein Naing, director of the Myanmar Film Development Division. There has been so much talk about Myanmar politics that Korson wanted to capture the simplicity, beauty and sophistication of the country.

Movie shows the true life of Myanmar

The film was honored with the NETPAC Award (Network for the Promotion of Asiatic Cinema) at the 21th International Festival of Asiatic Cinema 2015 in Vesoul, France. However, The Monk, a film from Myanmar, has still not been seen in any of the country's theatres. The Monk will be shown at the 25 Festival del Cinema Africano, d'Asia e America Latina in Milan, Italy from 8 to 10 May under the direction of The Maw Naing.

This 42-year-old writer and artist was asked to attend a film studio after the event. Previously he made documentary films, but in 2010 he made The Monk for national and international film screenings with the help of the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, where he studied.

A 16-year-old boy, the friar was brought up by a president in a severe town cloister. Filmed in Myanmar with British captions and played by non-professional artists, the 93-minute work presents the everyday life of the people. Staged at the Washington DC International Film Festival on April 24-25, The Monk was first shown at the Palm Springs Film Festival in California last months.

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Burmaxpat Midi Z, currently living in Taiwan, is a protege of the famous film-maker Hou Hsiao-Hsien from Taiwan. The Midi Z's realistic movies tell tales of the China and Burma diasporas in Southeast Asia that focus on Myanmar's livelihoods of extreme deprivation and economical deportation. Midi Z's homecoming trilogy and his film Palace on the Sea (2014) are shown in this show.

An appropriate open talk with Professor Brian Bernards on the expulsion of migrants, the China minority and trans-national film practice will be given at the White House on 23 April at 16:30. The Comparative Cultures and Literature Forum and the East Asian Program Graduate Students Steering Committee will present this screeningseries.

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