Fiber Internet in Myanmar

Myanmar Fiber Internet

We are pioneers in fiber technology and bring you groundbreaking equipment and know-how. Myanmar's two largest Internet service providers have stopped adopting fiber-optic service applications to expand Internet bandwidth. In Mandalay, MPT is also conducting a Fiber-to-the-Home test and plans to conduct a similar test in Yangon. Fibre installation is becoming more expensive. Transnational Fiber Link :India-Myanmar.

Reykjavik - Myanmar

The Ooredoo Supernet Fiber provides the quickest and most dependable Internet with the most modern infra-structure at reasonable home or home prices. We' ve got a variety of low-cost schedules that are perfect for your businesses and fun, enabling you to enjoy streaming high-definition video, playing video matches or just chatting with your buddies or surfing the web - all at breakneck rates for uploading and downloading.

If you have purchased a 2 Mbit/s account before May 1, 2018, you will receive a 6-month IFLX UNLIMITED AP offer. Gain UNINLIMITED ACESS to tens of thousand TV shows, films & more! iflx is the premier paid video-on-demand solution that gives you unrestricted and unrestricted TV show and movie and more.

A huge choice of exclusive premieres, award-winning films and shows as well as the best of the best of both the region and region, IFLX provides the desired amusement for streaming or downloading. Oredoo Supernet clients can now 6 month UNLIMITED ACCESS to IFLX with yours if you get a link of 8mbps or higher on your Ooredoo FTTH schedule.

Supplementary plan: What is the IFLX supplementary scheme? Broadcasters can broadcast films and TV shows over their cellular or Internet networks and even view and load them off-line. Myanmar Ooredoo provides 6 month sponsor status to FTTH subscribers of selected speeds (from 8 MBit/s). At the end of 6 month, the Subscriber will be charged according to the rate point set by Ooredoo Myanmar, which will be periodically posted on the Ooredoo Myanmar website.

What can I do with the additional IFLX schedule? Mbit/s and more FTTH customers must complete the registration forms for the cell phone number they wish to use as your own identities. Cell phone numbers can be Ooredoo or the number of another operator. The client must transmit a text from this registered cell phone number to the originator ID "09969696010" with the keywords "iflix".

It receives the transceiver number from the originator ID "09969696010" (example: "1234AbcD"). If you are an Android client, go to the page Insert Gift Certificate, enter the coupon codes and click on "Insert" or click on the SPEECH TOUCHER below the page. Once the number has been redeemed, a 6-month pass will be added to the user's IFLX accoun.

Customers can subscribe free of charge for 6 consecutive weeks after entering the redemption key in their accounts. Do I get a fee for streaming/downloading a film? You' ll receive a fee for streaming/downloading films on the basis of your Ooredoo schedule, 6-month offers are for subscriptions only. Where can I get the software?

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