Big savings on hotels in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar online. mw headline" id="Get_in">Get in[edit] Fianarantsoa, generally known as Fianar, is a town in the Fianarantsoa province of Madagascar. Because of its centrality it is a gate to many other places in the south and south of Madagascar and many visitors come to Manakara by FCE-rail. It can be used as a base for a variety of outdoor sports and outings.

The Fianarantsoa has a -21.4412647. There are 110381 small airports, but from November 2017 there are no more regular services. It is linked to the seaport of Manakara by train. The majority of tourists come from the north (Antanananarivo) or south (Toliara) and take the train to Manakara. Due to the poor state of the technology of the gear, it is not a dependable means of transportation.

The Fianarantsoa is a traffic junction where several main thoroughfares converge. All of the streets to Antanananarivo, Manakara, Ambalavao-Toliara and Ranomafana are cobbled, from November 2017 there were some broken sections on NR7 between Ambositra and Fianarantsoa. There are two buses to get on and off the highway from Fianarantsoa:

All other destinations you have to depend on your own vehicle or cab starting from -21.4523347. 09/0493 Railway near the railwayhof. Fianarantsoa's area of interest is small enough to be discovered on foot. On Tuesdays, the town centre is transformed into a large square where everything a locals needs is sold.

The 089652 postal service, which allegedly also has some working computer for accessing the Internetzugang, is located opposite the railwayhof. Ambalavao is the next obvious stop if you are further south (Toliara or Fort-Dauphin). If you do not intend to go south, it is still a good idea to take a full excursion to Ambalavao and the Anja Community Reserve.

You can take a cab to Manakara for Ranomafana National Park. When the FCE is not broken down, you can take this line to Manakara or get off at one of the intermediate stops. Please be aware that this is not a means of transportation for the tourist, but an experience for railway enthusiasts.

When you are on your way back to Antanananarivo, you should stop in Antsirabe.

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