Fever 1793 Characters

1793 characters

The protagonist of the novel. Matella' s character development works a little different from other young adult protagonists. The author Laurie Halse Anderson writes about such a time in Fever, 1793. This is a detailed description of Fever 1793 characters and their meaning.

Fevers 1793 characters

Mathilda Cook is the main character of the film. She' s 14 years old and is living in Philadelphia with her mom and granddad. There is a small coffee house for the chefs, which is very appreciated by the people. Matilda or just "Mattie" is dreaming of Paris like any other teenager girls and likes a teen.

In August 1793, a catastrophic catastrophe hit the town, which lasted almost until December and changed Matty's world. It is a tale about Matilda's metamorphosis from a carefree baby to a young lady who is conscious of her responsibilities, willing and kind-hearted. She is Matilda's mum. Your father-in-law says that on some of those occasions he "would rather face the British again" than his "dear little girl in love", and that's the best way to describe Lucille.

Lucille Cook operates a coffee house and looks after her daugther in a powerful, austere and courageous way. Though Lucille is a pretty tough mom, she was a mutin. Matilda's dad got hit by an unlucky incident, falls off a stepladder and dies immediately. Grandpa is the main character of the American Revolutionary War.

He' acting like a dad and granddaddy to Matilda and the gal loves him. He' s teaching Matilda how to become a military man and never gives up despite all the danger. Surviving cataracts, he passes away in the hand of predators and tries to save his grandchild. One of the first casualties of cataracts, she is a waitress at the Cook's Coffee House.

Matilda is angry about her deaths, because the women were good old pals in the past. Matilda likes Nathaniel Benson. He' a young artist and a friendly and fun guy who seems to be friendly and fun, but Lucille doesn't like his and Matilda's buddies. ElĂ­za is a chef and assistant in the cooks' coffee house.

Despite the fact that Eliza was once a female servant and dowager, she is "the happiest person" Matilda knows. It also has the chefs they handle with affection and consideration. In fact, Matilda even offered Eliza to be a mate and run the coffee house together. She is a little girlfriend found by Matilda.

Nell's mom is dying of jaundice, and there's no one to take her. She is taken out of her home so she can take her to an anphanage later. Matilda later gets used to the baby and behaves like her mom. The little Nell will stay with the chef.

She is a member of the Free African Society.

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