Feel Myanmar Yangon

Felt Myanmar Yangon

Myanmar has many offices throughout the city. Myanmar Food Yangon, Myanmar reviews, photos, prices, expert advice, reviews and tips for travelers and more information from Condé Nast Traveler. Bury behind a sea of street stalls, Feel Myanmar Food is a top lunch spot. During World War II, almost half the population of Rangoon (now Yangon) was Indian. Nevertheless, he often feels insecure.

Myanmar Food Restaurant - Everything you want & More

The Feel Myanmar is one of the best known Burma cuisine places in Yangon. However, the last thing I wanted to do was go to an astonishing Myanmar dinner to find only chickens and raw rices (not that it's awful, I just wanted some curry!)..... where were all the Myanmar Curry?

We had a waitress sit down, we picked an outdoor dinner and we served a meal - but I didn't want to look at a meal - I wanted to look at the currys to see what I should have. One of the most amazing shows of pre-made buffet dinners I have ever seen in my whole lifetime.

It must have been a literal hundred different selections of foods, an overpowering number! So enthusiastic about the choice that I probably ended up ordering a lot more than Ying and I really needed, but just like the Sea Shell Festival in Minn Lan, I was so lucky that I totally forgot how much I had ordered.

Okay, let's start with this amazing variety of Myanmar cuisine at the Feel Restaurant. I ordered the first Myanmar brandy was a shrimp brandy shot. All the shrimps, even the peel, I think, were boiled - although the peel was quite tender, so the whole thing could be ate. It was slightly cute but stuffed with a beautiful spice mixture.

Myanmar, the culinary treat at the Feel Restauran in Yangon was this dish of ramcury. First, I'm a great fan of all things sheep meat, I think it's one of the best meat in the whole wide planet, and I order it every chance I get. Two, it was very well done at Feel.

Lamb was completely delicate, and the sauce was full of herbs, slightly acidic, and just a delicious, delicious mixture. At the Feel Restuarant, if you enjoy sheep meat as much as I do, then you don't want to miss your Burma lamb meat shot. I also ordered a seafood in my frenzied curve.

I had this lukewarm urine dripping in olive grove, but I still liked it. It was not nearly as spicy as sheepfurry, but it was somehow very calming, a slight mixture of spice, olive oils and corn flavor. Wherever I dine and commute in a foreign land, one of the things I love the most is to taste food that is new to me.

From everything I ordered, I left Ying out of ordering the pot roast urine that she ordered from me - so I ordered it to make it right. This was really fat pig meat, and the cream dressing didn't look like it was very spicy - it usually did look like olive wood.

It had a delicate and not powerful flavour, but I was able to enjoy a marvellous sweetening, which I think comes from curried onion. There were both Currys at the line, and then there was an occasional spill bar with lettuce. Asian penny words are often used in Thailand to make juices, and in Sri Lanka it is used as a garnishing lettuce (gotukola sambol), but this was the first I ate it the way Burma did.

Maybe you have already been reading about the infamous Myanmar tealeaf lettuce and I ordered it again at Feel Myanmar food restaurants. Aubergines was not my favourite dish. Since we had ordered so much to eat on our tables, the waitress gave us a free dish of Myanmar's nationwide dish, named Mahinga.

It was a full and tasty drink. When you have room after having a full portion of Myanmar style Chinese style sweets at the Feel Restaurants, you can also order the morning sherbet, but if not, I'd go for the first one. A dish of cooked vegetable and a chili-dip gravy was added to all of them.

It' always good to mix a pile of fleshy curry with vegetable. Everything was great, especially the choice of curry at the Feel Restaurant in Yangon. It was definitely not as much to order as we did, but because of my agitation there was no withholding.

We didn't order anything for desert either, but our waitress was kind enough to bring us a dish with a Myanmar sausage. Though we were filled with this point, Ying really liked it - it wasn't too cute, but beautifully spiced up. And if you still want more desserts while eating at the Feel Restauran in Yangon, there's even an ice cream stand on the premises!

It' really an all-in-one dinner bash. Our order was a metric tons of meal, and our total bill was 21,800 Kyats ($21.94). I' d say it was a good bargain for the amount of groceries we ordered. Here is the outside of the place, from the outside it looks really small, but when you go in, it's like an urban mess of a place with many different drawers and states.

Situated in a tranquil rural district of Yangon, the resort attracts so many people that they even have a few kind transport managers. The Feel is one of the most famous in Yangon, offering the full gamut of Burma cuisine.

It is a local favourite and is probably in every guidebook in town. It was awesome the way the food was, especially the mixture of Myanmar' s sausages. I loved the lamb curry, the fish cake wound into sheets and the delicate pig tummy, but really, everything was very delectable.

The Feel is a great place to taste a wide selection of Myanmar cuisine in a pleasant setting. The Feel Myanamar Meal Service is situated in the immediate vicinity of the National Museum and about 1,000 - 1,500 Kyats cab rides from Yangon city centre.

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