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Yangon fax computer

Telephone number, e-mail, reviews and photos. About Yangon repairing and buying computers Being in 2016 in Yangon - and a town they say is still in good times, you may be pardoned to think that locating a decent computer or computer supplies here will be difficult. That' just not the case, and the technical shoppers will be delightedly amazed by what's on sale.

When you' re on the shop front, you should know that you can expect a kind of'best of' choice, but not the'whole album'. The Nvidia GTX 950s or 960s are also on the shelves, but more "enthusiasts" like fluid coolers and accessories will be difficult to find.

They are also available, but since they have not been formally introduced in Myanmar, you will usually see grey imported goods supported by in-store guarantees, even though they are available at a higher cost than abroad. However, there are some authorised retailers and you can consider their stocks.

The best @ Apple product, gameplay peripheral and higher quality personal computer parts; own support centre. There are also available unlimited numbers of Mac ( "Airs" and "MPBs"), iPhones, iPad and other accessoires. The KMD is my preferred store for purchasing a laptops, and their choices are tough to be beaten. If you are not looking for a unit, but in poor need of unit CPR, Yangon also has a good range of servicing centres that will be able to help you.

A general principle is that you should first try authorised repair centres that maintain your particular make of equipment - they have the best chances of having tooling and parts for your equipment. Otherwise, try these stores: iPro is an Apple-authorized services company and one of your best ways to get your Mac product maintained.

You are accepting repair services for iPhones, iPads and the Macbook product line. NOTICE: ePro alerts you to similarly designated facilities in the U.S. that are not authorised Apple Authorised Services Centres that are otherwise in good working order but not Apple Authorised Services. MonFri (9:30 - 17:30); 9:30 - 12:30 - iServe is a servicing branch of Wai Yan, an Apple-approved services company.

Come and see them, especially if you are nearer to Yangon city centre. The F@X has by far the largest range of spare notebook battery packs for Yangon notebooks I've seen, so if you're dealing with a broken device (or if you leave it somewhere in the café), you have a good shot of getting a new one.

You also have your own repair shop for laptops. Techno-Land also has its own servicecenter just a few metres from its road 36 and they would be pleased to help you solve your laptops issues. If you are an Acer customer, SLN is Acer's Authorized Reseller and should be your first point of contact.

KMD is not only a retailer, but also has a repair centre that can help with repair work.

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