Famous things in Myanmar

Favorite things in Myanmar

Its most famous piece is the gemstone jewelry. Varnish, rubies and gems, longyi, handicrafts etc. are all good things to buy in Myanmar. What to buy and where to shop in Myanmar. Burma has a long tradition of making beautiful objects.

These are the best gifts to take home from Myanmar.

Burma is a country of living civilizations, people and colors. There are so many memorabilia and memorabilia to take home with a visitor that it can be a bit overpowering; after that it can be hard to buy good value goods at a decent priceworth. But the good part is that Myanmar's vendors are not as intrusive as some Southern African markets, which relieves the pressures to buy something you don't necessarily want.

You will find below our guidebook to the best gifts you can buy in Myanmar. Longyi is the local clothing of the Myanmar tribe and a great present. MYANMAR' s lacquered products are rooted in the traditional Japanese style and have a story that goes back to the twelfth cent. before. Since the procedure is completely manual, good paint material can be a little costly, but there is a very good possibility that you might fell in loving a nice item and still buy it!

The Inle Lake is our favorite area for shopping for sterling in Myanmar. Some of the most sought after items are articulate silvery Inle Lake pelagic with ruby red eye, as well as sterling silver ring and necklace with itade and other beads. You can find similar items on stores all over the world, but be sure to buy a real piece of real gold and not a low-cost mimicry.

Gems and Java are ever desired presents and are one of the biggest industry in Myanmar, with some accounts estimated at almost 50% of the country's population. The Myanmar cigar ( "cheroots") is a inexpensive, one-of-a-kind and very delicious mug. Some of the highest value brands are available in tobacconists on Inle Lake, but you can buy them for very little in Myanmar's market.

Canvases are one of the most popular memorabilia bought in Myanmar because they are inexpensive, easily available and always breathtaking. It is so amazing that Myanmar's artwork is often sold abroad, especially in Thailand, for an extrasurpass. Sandpictures are replicas of Bagan's church painting and are one of a kind in the area.

Although not unparalleled in Myanmar, the production of tea is much greater than anywhere else in the country and the qualities of this exceptional timber really do shine through. A puppet or puppet is an uncommon present, but you will see it on the market on a regular basis, especially in Bagan and Inle Lake.

This puppet is a classic way of entertaining in Myanmar that can still be seen throughout the state. Burma is an uprising of colours and the clothing and fabric you can buy are no different - think of lavish tapestry in every ton. Myanmar has an abundance of dressmakers and sewers, so find the materials you like and have a blouse or gown made in no time.

Loin-root rayon is a very delicate gown; the only limitations are your financial situation and your fantasy. Typically beaten to announce or conjure the monk's attendance, beautiful decorated church bell and gong are seen all over Myanmar and make great presents.

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