Famous places in Yangon Myanmar

Celebrity Places in Yangon Myanmar

Each city needs an escape and the Kandawagu Nature Park was a great place to do just that. The Sule Pagoda is an important landmark of Yangon. The most popular attractions in Myanmar (Burma). The pagoda is the highlight of Yangon and one of the most famous sights in all of Myanmar. Famous Shwedagon Pagoda Rangoon Burma.

Celebrity Yangon - Review of Lake Inya, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

The majority of young adults and children came here to relax and have fun. At the Aureum Hotel on the shores of lake Inya the big adventures began, yes, the tourist guides did the usual blacksmith / weaver / pub crap, but when we arrived at the market during the days, the first impressio on was him.

There are many great places in Yangon, so we dropped by on the way back to the motel. Beautiful pond in the town! It is the liveliness with which the family enjoys their leisure activities and enhances the charms of its natural beauties that makes this beautiful water so attractive. Have you ever been to Lakenya?

Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Pindaya - Kalaw - Inle (12days/11nights)

Wellcome to Myanmar! At Yangon International you will be met by your travel agent who will take you to your accommodation. We start the orienteering trip through Yangon after a short refreshment in the motel. Discover the trading capitol Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town with over 5 million inhabitants. Yangon's tree-lined broad alleys, shaded verdant gardens and lovely ponds make it one of Asia's most attractive and vibrant citys.

Yangon's orienteering trip will include the Sule Pagoda, which in its eight-sided form stretches to the church bells and the reversed shell, the town hall and the former Colonies. Visiting the Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda - which hosts a 70 metre long, stunning lying Buddha. Stop for a picture in the striking Karaweik Hall, a replica of the Royal Barge at Kandawgyi Royal Lake, and take in a breathtaking panorama of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

As the sun sets, you' ll be visiting the beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda, the glittering gold stupa that sits enthroned above the city, one of the miracles of the underworld. At sundown, you' ll go to the Shwedagon Pagoda and take part in a unique event: an exclusive olive tree lighting festival for you. It is a great way to get to know the Buddha school, which has an important place in Myanmar's live.

In the early hours of the day you will be taken to the airfield for the plane to Bagan. Bagan Archaeology is one of the wealthiest historic places in Asia and the most important touristic destination in Myanmar. Throughout its Golden Age, in the twelfth centuries, Bagan was known as "the city of four million pagodas".

We' ll go to the most important pagodas: The Shwezigon Pagoda, the first purely Myanmar-style memorial, a prototypical later pagoda, is one of the oldest and most beautiful Buddhist monasteries and an important place of worship for the Burmese; Ananda Monastery, a work of art of early Myanmar pagodaarchy.

Visiting the Gubyaukgyi Temple, strongly inspired by India's civilization; the great Dammayangyi and the imposing Htinlomilo. Before sundown, take a ride in a bogie car through the temple. Climb to the summit of an uplifted place that night, observe the sundown in far away mountains and enjoy quiet, calm times and the undescribable magic of Bagan.

Ballooning over Bagan. Whilst a trip to the Bagan Archeological Area is a must for every Myanmar tourist, the Royal Way to the temple and pagoda is undoubtedly a hop. At daybreak, you will be collected from your accommodation and taken to your point of origin, where you will be served a nice glass of afternoon snack or cuppa.

From above, the views are stunning as the Bagan Plains reveal all their riches. On a 40-minute plane, the floor staff will pick up your guests at the airstrip and serve them a drink of bubbly before they return to their hotels for their actual-breakfasts. Earlier this day, after having brokenfast you will go to the lively Nyaung Oo market, where the local people meet to buy their own products.

Then we will take you to several secluded towns to find out more about the villagers of Bagan. You' ll have many chances to intercommunicate and share with the Baganese, a true personal adventure you will remember forever. Also known as the center of Myanmar's flourishing paint manufacturing sector.

On this night you will be able to watch the setting sundown on the powerful Ayeyarwaddy creek, which offers you various vistas of the astonishing archeological places and an insight into the everyday life of the locals as the sundown. You will be taken to Nyaung Oo International to Mandalay, Myanmar's second-biggest town.

It is a town with a wealth of historical and artistic treasures, offering a distinctive portrayal of a Buddha town with its preserved civilisation and ancient arts. MNDALay was the last remaining capitol (1860-1885) of Burma's last remaining sovereign kingdom before its British annexation after the Third Anglo-Burmese War of 1885. Explore the Snaketemple, home of several stunning pithons.

Stroll to this rural town before heading towards Mandalay. Along the way you will be visiting Mahamuni Temple - the most venerated of Mandalay's pagodas, which hosts a giant bronzed Buddha picture overlaid with thick golden strata, one of the three most sacred places in Myanmar. andalay is also a centre for handicrafts.

A goldsmith's shop where 24k goldsmith is converted into super-thin blades with precision strikes from a hammers' hammers, a technology that even the most advanced high-tech devices cannot reproduce. Later in the evening you will be visiting the Golden Palace Convent, the most popular wood convent in the land, renowned for its elaborate woodcarvings.

This is the only one of the Mandalay Palace's originals that magically survive the bombing raids of the Second World War. When the sun sets, a brief drive takes you up Yankin Hill. Topped by a peaceful convent, the site provides a stunning view of the town of Mandalay, the countryside and the arable land around the town.

Ballooning over Mandalay. Myanmar is the second biggest town in Myanmar and the centre of Burma as well. Experience the royal town from above, sliding in the baskets of a warm bubble. From 2016, the visitor can visit the Royal Palace and Graben, Mandalay Hill, the old capital of Amarapura and the renowned U-leg bridges in the faraway, long rows of safran friars promoting the early alpine pasture giving, the bustling lives of the town and the activities on the Ayeyarwaddy.

Explore secret gems that can only be seen from above with an exciting and luxurious flight: the best way to begin a visiting holiday in Mandalay. Today mornings we will be crossing the viaduct and heading to the Sagaing Hills, littered with couples and over 500 cloisters. This is a popular place to hide for Buddhists.

They are visiting Swan Oo Pon Nya Shin, U Min Thone Sae and Shwe Taung Oo Maw. You will be able to see the Maha Aungmye Bonzan Convent, the Nan Myint Watchtower (also known as " the Oblique Towers of Ava ") and the very well known Bagaya Teachwood Convent.

Before sundown this evening you can see the ancient silks and cottons whose forebears woven splendid garments for the kingdom. Sundown you will see the most scenic U Bein Lake Taungthaman Lake U-leg Brigde, a half kilometer long wooden jetty, also known as the world's longest one.

Sun set boat with cocktails and snacks. Sundown you will be visiting the most scenic U Bein Lake Taungthaman Lake U-leg Bridges, half a nautical miles long and known as the world's longest wooden-structure. You will then go back to Mandalay. It became a mountain terminal in 1896 and was used by Mandalay-based officials as a shelter.

It' is regarded as Burma's crucible because it still has the biggest fellowship of Anglo-Burmese, Anglo-Indian, indigenous Shan, Myanmar and China's migrants, mainly from Yunnan. While you are there, you' ll go to the colourful square and take a walk in the centre of the city to see the Purcell Towers, a present from the Queen of England.

Return to Mandalay in the evenings. We will have our own buffet breakfasts at the hotels and take you to Mandalay International Airfield for the plane to Heho. After your arrive you will pass through the picturesque landscape of the Shan Hills, past many colourfully clad tribesmen, to Pindaya, a lovely city in the southern Shan state, only an one and a half hours by car from Heho International Airfield.

Approximately 50,000 Danu, Taungyo, Palaung and Shan are living in this small city. Lineage of giant old bankanrees, the tranquil central sea, the stunning lime stone caverns and the humble, welcoming locals make this small city a renowned tourist area. The main attractions here are a tour of the Pindaya cave, just outside the city.

In Myanmar, no other place shows such a variety of genres, not only in the paintings, but also in the decorative enthrones surrounding the paintings. A short trip this mornin' to the tranquil mountain resort of Calaw, much valued by the colonialists. It is a enchanting mountain resort on Shan Mountain.

All the different strains that live in the near hills come together in the city to get together and buy their own products. Head to the citymarket and a few renowned couples before heading to Inle Lakes, a secluded place of natural beautifac. For the remainder of the afternoon you can explore the area and the surrounding area by long-tail canoe.

The Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery is home to many early Shan Buddha images. Today's highlight is a trip to the sacred Phaung Daw U Pagode, the most sacred place in Shwan State. Ballooning over Inle. You will start your trip with an early breakfast over the Inle Lake, the home of the Inthar.

They use their winch skills to navigate the ballon over the swimming towns and aquatic parks. The breakfast is taken either on your own unique search vessel in the centre of the shan or near one of the lovely Shan towns wherever we dock. Ballooning across the sea must be one of the best ways to enjoy one of Myanmar's natural and cultured treasures.

Today, you' ll be able to enjoy a full moon on board a ship to explore the stunning sea encircled by high mountains on both sides. They have the opportunity to attend the fair, which takes place every five nights. Located on the west bank of the lakeshore, the Pa-oh Indein Temples are often described as the Mini-Angkor area.

In 1054 A.D., the inner walls of the remains and the shrine will take you back in history and make you think you are discoverers. Later in the day you will see Impawkhone, a weavers' hamlet, a typical smithy, a smithy, a cheroot coffee (Burmese cigars) and the neighbouring countrys. Take the chance to explore the ancient farming techniques of the Inle-Sea area.

The hike offers a magnificent view of the shan hill and beautiful view of the park. Transfers to the Aiport for the plane back to Yangon. Arriving in Yangon and with a captivating breakfast trip "like a local" through the town and its outskirts into the genuine Yangon. Begin with a trip on the'Circular Train', a popular means of transport in Yangon.

Get off at one of the train stops and take a train through a district on a train called a trimshaw (Myanmar's most popular public transport). Visiting colourful stores near by to see a variety of new products such as sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, bananas, coconut, as well as live meat, fruits, vegetables and more.

Then it' t is the right moment to take a break - with the people! Situated in a teashop, drink a cup of sweetened teas or coffees and try a wide range of local cuisine. This evening you are welcome to a goodbye meal in the renowned Le Planteur restaurants. Situated on the shores of Lake Inya, not far from the home of Aung San Suu Kyi, and with the elegance of a mainland dining experience, Yangon is one of the best places to be.

The finest wine in the whole wide range will be served at the Le Planteur in Myanmar. We will have breakfasts at the hotels and last moment to take in the beautiful scenery of the beautiful lakes until we return to Heho for your flights to Yangon. In Yangon, if your trip allows it, don't miss a trip to the Bogyoke Market, also known as Scott Market, where you will find a wide selection of antique, handicraft and the biggest art collections in Myanmar.

They will be brought back to the airfield in good season for your return journey.

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