Famous places in Myanmar Country

Celebrated Places in Myanmar Country

The marketing department has announced new tourist attractions in the country. The second largest city and trading hub in the country, it is home to frenetic activities. The rough cotton blankets of Monywa are known all over Myanmar. Compared to the above-mentioned capitals, it is significantly smaller. There are not so many attractions, but it is an established tourist centre in the country.

The most up to date Myanmar travel guide January 2017

Since Myanmar, formerly Burma, opened itself up to reform in 2011, the country has been changing. In recent years, the number of visitors and travellers has risen dramatically and is constantly increasing. As Myanmar is changing fast, it is becoming increasingly hard to find up-to-date trip information as things seem to be changing every week.

This is a short Myanmar guidebook with an overview of the things you should consider for your journey to Myanmar. Passportholders from over 100 different nationalities can now request a touristic eVisa! It can be obtained by Visa or Master Card (cost approx. 50?) and you can request it on-line on the formal website.

They only have direct airport connections to Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw as well as to the three Thai checkpoints Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung. They can also request a regular 28-day touristic permit at an Myanmar Missions. Currently, all borders can only be crossed from Thailand. Also a new frontier between Myanmar and Laos is to be opened soon.

Though the dollar is still acceptable in many tourist areas, the indigenous payment method in Myanmar today is the most popular one. There are ATMs throughout the country that accept both VISA and Mastercard credits. In fact, the goverment is trying to motivate locals and visitors to use Kiev instead of US dollars.

Generally, it is very secure to be able to travel in all places open to non-nationals. There' s a low level of criminality and you can visit the country as an individual traveller without any problem. There are few reasons for crimes against Myanmar's tourist population.

Nevertheless, some areas of the country are still restricted for foreign nationals because of continuing conflict. There are 3 distinct periods - the hottest period (March to April), the wet one ("May to October") and the high one ("November to February"). Myanmar is best visited in the colder and more moderate periods between November and February.

Because of the constant and huge rise in the number of tourists, there has been a lack of rooms in many touristic hotspots. The overnight rates are higher than in neighbouring states and the choice is rather restricted. There are now youth lodgings in many of the country's tourism resorts, which attract more and more travellers and backpacker tourists.

A number of round-trip airlines are now flying into Myanmar, mainly to Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw Airport. There are also coach tours available and there is a growing range of medium and luxury coach operators that offer journeys between the main cities. As an alternative, it is also possible to take the railway across the country.

Trains are usually more slow and untrustworthy, but also the most exciting way to explore the country. There are also small pick-up lorries within the towns and for short trips with banks in the background to enjoy the authentic and authentic cuisine. Burma is accepting multi-national driver's licences and there will be more in the next few of these.

Burma is an enticing country full of interesting places to explore and explore. This is an outline of the most important travel destination you should see when travelling to the country. Yangon, the business capitol of Myanmar, is a very convincing mixture of colorful architectural styles, gold coupons, contemporary skyscrapers and congested streets.

It' the biggest town in the country and the most important turntable for incoming travellers and visitors. The most famous of these is the Shwedagonagoda. This is Myanmar's holiest and most venerated holocaust and the most striking symbol of the town.

High up on Singutara Hill and proud, it is an absolute must see when you visit the country and a truly unforgettable one. Further rides in Yangon are the Sule &, Botataung Pagoda and the Bogyoke Aung San Market. This is the greatest gathering of Buddhaist monasteries, shrines und Stupa in the whole wide globe and probably the greatest treasure for every Myanmar-goer.

Another of Myanmar's great tourist destinations is Lake Inle, embedded in the Shan State hills. The Inle Lake is another highlight you should not miss when travelling through Myanmar. Mandalay, the country's last sovereign capitol, is situated in the north of Myanmar. Some of the most important sights of the town are the U Bein Brigde - the longest and probably most famous teenak brigde in the word - as well as the Taung Mingi Pagoda, the Mandalay Mountain and the famous Mahamuni Paya buddhistic pilgrimage site.

Take a look at the best things you should do in Mandalay to get more inspiration!

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