Famous places in Mawlamyine

Well-known places in Mawlamyine

Explore the best attractions in Mawlamyine including Mahamuni (Bahaman) Paya, Kyaikthanlan Paya, Bilu Kyun. Once known as Moulmein, it was once an important port and the administrative capital of British Lower Burma. If it comes to food creativity, Mawlamyine is very famous. Obtain a list of hand-picked activities and top tourist attractions in Mawlamyine.

Best activities in Mawlamyine

There' some thrilling things to do in Mawlamyine. There is a full listing of all the other places of interest in Mawlamyine, from historic places to the most important places of interest. Find new places of interest and unforgettable activity near Mawlamyine. Don't miss these astonishing places of interest in Mawlamyine. View the complete listing of tourist attraction and activity in and around Mawlamyine.

This will help you to organize a wonderful journey to Mawlamyine. Mawlamyine' features include - The best activity in and around Mawlamyine, top tourist amenities such as historic sites, nature sites, adventure and fun activity, places to dine and sip. Equipped with everything you can do in Mawlamyine, addresses, press releases, facts, pictures of travelers & more.

Looking for a Mawlamyine route? Got to see places in Mawlamyine sorted by people. Have a look at the full listing of the best places of interest in Mawlamyine.

Activities in Mawlamyine

There is not much information about what to do in Mawlamyine and the Lonely Planet is miserably out of date. There are plenty of Buddhistic places in Mawlamyine, with some really beautiful mountain peaks. Most people think that if you go around a spaghetti, you should do it a little bit counterclockwise, with your right waist to the spaghetti, otherwise it's misfortune!

There is no entrance fee for the Peacocks around Mawlamyine. Mawlamyine' best mountain peaks are: Sahamyatumuni is currently constructing an elevators to prevent people from climbing staircases. It is not well known that this pit stop can also be reached via a staircase behind Kawhkar Cloister. It is a nice stroll in this direction, but that does not mean footwear for the stroll.

The Kawhnat Lagoon complex is a little further out, but it' definitely deserving a look. There are wonderful woodcarvings and mosaic, and it is ideal for hiking. Naturally, the palagodas go together with the convents. Also known as Queen's Monastery, it is a wonderful old wood yard. It starts to deteriorate and is all the more attractive to them.

That was probably my favorite page in Mawlamyine. Rather than leaving the path you came, walk past the Buddha and find the entry to a staircase (forward and to your right in the Buddha's view direction). You will pass a convent and pass some mountain peaks.

Mawlamyine' s few fairs all provide a truly unforgettable time. The Myo Ma Mark is open to Strand Road, direction Mottama Bridge end. The four-storey Myine Yadanar Markt building, located further back, contains clothes and golden. Myine Yadanar is connected to a 2-storey store where you can buy toilet articles, footwear and accessoires.

Stroll through the city overlooking the different architectural genres, as well as the building in monumental design. Many of them are in decline and all the more attractive for them. Strand/Lower Main Road are good for a beginning. Observe the beach setting from Strand Road. It' really nice from up there and is made all the more by the variety of foliage bonfires down in Myanmar.

It is also well located to discover the Mon & Karen states, see our regional leader here.

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