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Celebrated Places in Loikaw

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Loikaw, capitol of the state of Kayah, just an hour's flying time from Yangon, but it can take much longer." As these venerated sites are places of cult, they also offer interesting glimpses into Myanmar's long past, its long cultural, artistic and architectural heritage, literary and modern world.

Loikaw's famous religion symbol is the Thiri-Mingalar Taung-kwe Pagoda Hill, which was erected on a hill with a view of the area. Some of the pagoda's venerated nicknames were: Shwe Yin Aye Ceti, Kyauk Thanban Ceti, Aung Taw Mu Ceti, Su Taung Pyi Ceti, Pyi Lone Chan Thar Ceti, Auk Kyaik Htee Yoe Ceti, Shwe Pyi Aye Ceti.

Kayahs believe that today's'Htee print kan' is the lake the crop digged with the help of the black bull. They say: "Once upon a toothbrush in a thick wood where a big bunny and a big croc...". Then, one evening, the bunny recounted to the villain that a serious dry spell would break out the following summers, leading to great need.

Bunny convinced the cockatoo to go out into healthier meadows where there was plenty of fresh drink. Faithing in the bunny, they both traveled until they arrived on a hill when the bunny ran away and left the unfortunate alligator behind to its terrible doom. Fortunately, a beloved blanket of wheat came along and saw the plight of the desperate villain who asked him to take him to where it was.

He said that the waters were very far away. Then, the croc proposed that the bull should excavate the ground with its heavy hooves, piss on the ground to make it softer, and keep repeating the procedure until the mine was sufficiently low for the croc to soak. Luckily, the bison committed itself and the cockroach indulged until it bubbled out of the underground sea and brought alleviation to the amphibians.

A grateful croc was offering to help the bison so that he would not be suffering from a lack of drink.

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