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It' s in the Pinmagon Monastery of the Pinmagon village. South of Shan State. Best things to do in Kalaw, Myanmar, with photos, attraction map & detailed guide.

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Kalaw has a number of interesting things to do. Ranging from historic landmarks to major heritage landmarks, find out the complete listing of all Kalaw's other popular landmarks. Come and see new places of interest and enjoy unforgettable outdoor pursuits near Kalaw. Don't miss these fantastic places in Kalaw. Find out about the schedule of rides and events in Kalaw and the surrounding areas.

This will help you make the best of your Kalaw journey. Kalaw's highlight include - The best you can do in Kalaw and the surrounding areas, the main sights such as historic landmarks, nature features, adventure and fun activity, places to dine and dine. Equipped with everything you can do in Kalaw, addresses, review, facts, traveler pictures and more.

Looking for a Kalaw outing? See places in Kalaw that are sorted by favorites. Below is the full listing of the best Kalaw sights and places to do.

Myanmar Kalaw - Top tips for attractions and activities

The majority of humans make their way to Kalaw to get to Inle Lake. This is because you can walk from one place to another, and this area is known for offering some of the best landscapes in Myanmar. You will find hikes in the whole area that are suited for different physical abilities level and timing restrictions. The slopes, mountain and village areas show a countryside side of the land that is very different from towns like Yangon.

Besides hiking you can also take in Kalaw itself, which has picturesque village fairs and some sights close by like the Buddha Cave. Walking from Kalaw to Inle Lake is the big draw in this area and usually lasts three full day and two night. Along the way you will stay at places such as a farmstead and a monastery, whatever hike you choose.

Arriving at Inle Lakes, you can see the swimming village and see the fishermen row across the lakes with one foot wound around an rudder, which is the typical one. They can circumnavigate the lakes and enjoy the attractions for a few hour or a whole days, but make sure you don't miss the beautiful sunsets when it shines on the waters.

A few travelers to Kalaw and Inle lake select the picturesque city of Meiktila, which is also famous for its lakes. From Yangon you can interrupt your trip in Meiktila and from there take the Kalaw coach, which will take about 5hrs.

It is a small city and the major tourist feature is the sea, which is actually an art reserve. However, it is a beautiful place and gives you the opportunity to see more of Myanmar instead of travelling directly from Yangon to Kalaw. The Kalaw Market is one of the major tourist destinations when it comes to the city.

How it works is that the stores remain in one area for 5 trading day, namely Kalaw, Pindaya, Aung Ban, Heho and Nyaung Shwe. Nyaung Shwe is the most loved as it is near Inle Lake, but when the Kalaw comes to Kalaw you will be flooded with fruit and vegetable produce as well as handicrafts such as traditionally made cloth and some tasty homemade dishes that you will find at stands around the main square.

A lot of the vendors here come down from the hills for the market, so definitely don't miss it when the time matches your journey to Kalaw. The Buddha Grotto is also known as Shwe U Min Paya, thanks to the pergola that resides inside it. About half a kilometer from the main market square in Kalaw, this is a naturally occurring calcareous cavern that became famous when it was stuffed with gold Buddha sculptures.

Although it is definitely not as impressing as the cavern shrines full of Buddha paintings that can be found in Monywa, it is still a beautiful place to go. By chance, if you are in March, you are expecting the cavern to be very lively as it is here that people come to show their respect.

Beyond the grotto you will find a variety of stands that sell jewellery and crafts, and that makes for a delightful trip from Kalaw, where you can also enjoy the landscape of Shan State on the way there.

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