Famous People from Myanmar

Well-known Myanmar personalities

Learn more about the famous Burmese people, their lives and their works in this section. ((Political leader (freedom fighter) of Myanmar) U Thant. General Aung San. " What famous male athletes are from Burma? These include the famous singer and actress Rita Fairmen (Myint Myint Khin) and the famous singers Marie Conway (Tin Moe Khaing) and Joyce Win (Nwe Yin Win).

Well-known Burmese male athletes

Listing of Burmese favorite men athlets, in alphabetical order with pictures, if available. Myanmar has a long tradition of sport competitions, and these are the famous men who make them so thrilling. Several of the best Burmese sportsmen in the hemisphere are mentioned below, some of them representing Burma at the Olympic Games.

They can click on the name of these Burma talents to get more information about each one, such as the athlete's place of birth and when he was birth. Samples of competitors on this list: The following lists answer the question, "Which famous Burmese men athletes" and "Who are the greatest Burmese men artists?

Myanmar's famous politicians | List of Myanmar politicians

Alphabetical listing of famous Myanmar politician with pictures, if available. Myanmar's populace is made up of members of the Myanmar administration who are either actively or inactively, some of whom may even be deceased now. Some of Myanmar's most famous leaders of all times, so if you come from Myanmar and want to work for your own nation, these are the people to look up to.

When you are looking for a specific Myanmar political person, use the "Search" field to find out who you are looking for. The offer ranges from U Nu to Ohn Maung. Click on the name of these eminent Myanmar policy makers for more information.

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