Famous Pagodas in Bagan

Well known pagodas in Bagan

Bagan Myanmar Gawdawpalin Temple by Jialiang Gao - Own work. It is a steep climb to the Shwesandaw Pagoda. In Myanmar, Bagan is considered the embodiment of immense and silent beauty and solitude with numerous sacred temples and pagodas. Bagan's pagoda architecture is a testament to the craftsmanship of the Myanmar craftsmen.

Buddha Tooth Relic Pagodas in Bagan

Old Bagan', the famous archeological area, is situated in the Mandalay section. I would like to report about the four famous reliquary pagodas in Bagan. The pagodas were made by King Anawyahtar after worshipping the Buddha's dental relic. Buddhists believe that the wishes are fulfilled when one prays to these pagodas in one sunday.

The ShweZigon is one of the famous reliquary pagodas of the four pagodas. The ShweZigon Day usually lasts in November. Lawkanandar is situated near the Irrawaddy Riverbank. Although it has been eroded by irrigation, the mysterious remains of the ancient version of the ancient stone are still preserved.

Contains one of the famous pagodas in four relicts. TanzkyiTaung, which is contained in four reliquary pagodas, is in the Pakkou Township of Magway section. It is a little tricky on the way to TantkyiTaung Pagoda. First you have to take a boat trip to get across the creek and then you have to drive up the mountains.

But you have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views of the Irrawaddy and the famous TantKyiTaung rivers. However, keep in mind to fulfill your wishes, you must attend these four pagodas before 12 noon and just one wish to be prayed.

10+ top must-see temple in Bagan

It is home to the greatest and most dense concentrations of Buddha churches, pagodas, stupa trees and remains in the entire globe. More than 10,000 buddhistic churches were built in the Bagan planes in the eleventh and thirteenth century. The old Bagan area also provides stunning possibilities to experience the Buddha way of living, such as early meditation and the sweetest little friars who collect their everyday groceries from the fellowship.

Bagan's most dramatic period to see is at twilight, when the light of day and night create a mystic ambience. A number of different terraces can be climbed to observe the setting and rising of the day. These are the ideal vantage points for observing the beautiful scenery of Bagan's wide temple-lined plain.

A further spectecular way to see the Temple is to go up to the skies for a thermal ballon ride. It is not anticipated that all 2,000 buildings in Bagan will be visited. Here is a listing of the top must-see places in Bagan to get you inspired:

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