Famous Pagoda in Mawlamyine

Pagoda in Mawlamyine

The pagoda about which the famous English poet Rudyard Kipling wrote in his poem "Mandalay", which begins with the line, was Kyaik-than-lan: At the old Moulmein Pagoda. At the old Moulmein Pagoda, overlooking the sea, with all important sights and activities in and around Mawlamyine. The" old Moulmein Pagoda", which Kipling quotes, is considered the Kyaik Than Lan (also called Kyaikthanlan) pagoda in Mawlamyine. Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is located north of Kyaikhto.

Activities in Mawlamyine, Burma Myanmar

Please use the below mentioned hyperlinks to go to a specific section of our attractions and activites for Mawlamyine. Mahamuni Pagoda is the most northern of the five mountain peaks with a view of the city center and is the biggest and most prestige. Although doubtless a holy place for some considerable period of history, most of the Mon-styled temples date from the early twentieth c., which includes a reproduction of the famous Buddha painting in the Mandalay Pagoda of the same name.

More about Mahamuni Paya. Than Lan claims to be the biggest stupa in the city and of course this is the famous Ki-plingtempple. Kyaik Than Lan is not quite as big as the former ensemble, but still has a lot of greengage.

Rudyard is said to have penned his famous Lookin' Iazy at the ocean line here. More about Kyaik Than Lan Paya. The Uzina mountain pagoda is located on another hill just southwards of the city center. It is another attractive building that surrounds a huge golden foil-clad stupa and a lying Buddha picture with a wider view over the cove to Bilu Island.

It has a western, southern and northern shrine (east is the central entrance). More about Uzina Paya. Stroll through the Mawlamyine' s fairs to get a foretaste of the locals' world. Central and adjoining Neuer Markt is a large industrial area at the northern end of the beach and is best suited for early birds, while rotten bone can go to the afternoons' marshmarket.

The Central Market and the New Market are particularly busy in the early morning, when the stands on the Lower..... More about markets. Whereas in the past one limited oneself to finding the everyday shuttle or walking down to the pier and bargaining with a bosun, organized boating on the Than Lwin River is now an ever more popular choice in Mawlamyine.

More about river cruising. The Mon Cultural Museum of Mawlamyine is your favourite place if you are looking for poorly illuminated, dust yousome collection of modestly interesting artifacts with little or no explanation in the UK. However, instead of a revision, we have to say that Dawei's new and clearly arranged cultural museum is much better if you.....

More about the National Museum, Mon State (Mon Cultural Museum). More about Shampoo Iceland (Gaung Se Kyun). When you are "Lookin' Iazy at the sea" from Mawlamyine, you can see the point where the powerful Than Lwin passes over into the island-occupied Gulf of Martaban. This large, relatively shallow islet, which you can see directly opposite and westward of the city, is picturesquely and intriguing Bilu Kyun (Bilu.....

More about Bilu Island. From Mahamuni, a curvy and curvy street connects all the large and several small mountain peaks for a great long walks in the afternoons. From Mahamunifrom Kyaik Than Lan's northernmost sanctuary, just southwards lies the ornate Yadanar Bon Myint Cloister.

Constructed in the mid-19th c... Learn more about A walk to the cult sites of Mawlamyine. His Taw Ya is not just any huge lying Buddha picture, but apparently the biggest free-standing picture in the whole wide universe.

This impressive 180 meter high Buddha sculpture is located about 20 kilometers in the middle of an extensive ensemble of carpentry, sculptures, stupas and monks..... Learn more about Win Sein Taw Ya Giant Buddha. You will see a rugged cliff of lime stone a few kilometers southwards of Win Sein.

On the top there is a pagoda with several smaller chests and caverns, which line the 20-minute ascent to the top. More about Kyauktalon Taung Pagoda. Mawlamyine' s most popular seaside resort is Setse. Up until recently, the miles of sandy beaches lined with cassuarines were only a small area. Now, with accommodations for overseas visitors, nosy visitors and transportation that provide easy accessibility, Setse Strand provides a great change from Mawlamyine's historic and culture.....

More about Setse Beach. Situated about 60 kilometers southwards of the capitol Mawlamyine and about as far northern of the second city of the state of Ye, Thanbyuzayat is a vibrant small trading center and traffic crossroad. Learn more about Thanbyuzayat. More about The Death Railway Museum. Mudon is a small city halfway between Mawlamyine and Thanbyuzayat.

It is the city nearest to the sensational Win Sein Taw Ya, but it makes a good stop. There is a colorful and vibrant tradition in the local markets and a good spread of teashops and curried cakes. Impressive Buddha, luncheon and a walk across the square with a stroll to the Kyauktalon Taung Pagoda on.....

More about Mudon. Someday, when there is a gift store in Mawlamyine High Streets that sells Mon crafts, cards and picture cards, the Yele Pagoda will play a big role among the touristic clich├ęs. Learn more about Kyaikkami and Yele Pagode. with 12Go Asia. Please have a look at past editions.

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