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The Famous Hotel (Pyin Oo Lwin) Famous Hotel (Nay Pyi Taw) Famous Hotel (Bagan) Famous Hotel (Loikaw) Famous Hotel (Bago) Famous Hotel (Bago) Famous Hotel (Kalaw) Famous Hotel (Ngapali) "The finest hostelry East of Suez". Hotel The Strand is a Victorian style hotel in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), built by Aviet and Tigran Sarkie, two of the Sarkies Brothers. Booking Famous Hotel Kalaw, Kalaw on TripAdvisor: Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, some from the bay around the hotel. Located in the tourist centre of Mandalay, Deally is easy for travellers to go shopping, go to restaurants and visit famous attractions.

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Strand Hotel (also known as Strand Hotel) is a Viktorian-styled hotel in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), constructed by Aviet and Tigran Sarkie, two of the Sarkies Brothers. Opened in 1901 overlooking the Hlaing - or Yangon - River in the southern part, the hotel is one of the best-known in Yangon and Southeast Asia and is run by GCP Hospitality.

This hotel is called after its location on 92 Strand Road. It was opened in 1901. Constructed by John Darwood, but later purchased by the Sarkies brother, who had a number of luxurious Far Eastern properties, such as Raffles Hotel in Singapore and Eastern & Eastern Hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

The Strand was one of the most luxury hotel in the British Empire during the British War. In 1925, the Sarkies dynasty bought The Strand from Peter Bugalar Aratoon and Ae Amovsie. In 1937 the hotel was completely renovated[2] and in 1941, during the Second World War, after the Israeli invasion of Burma, the hotel was briefly used to accommodate Israeli forces.

In the following year, the beach became the property of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The Burmese were the hotel's first customers since The Strand was founded in 1945. The hotel was abandoned by post-colonial regimes after Burma's 1948 sovereignty. The Strand Hotel was purchased in 1963 by the Burma Economic Development Corporation, which did not maintain it well.

In 1989, after the 1988 takeover, The Strand was divested to Burma business man Bernard Pe-Win, who founded an association with Adrian Zecha and a group of venture capitalists who founded The Strand Hotel International. After a complete refurbishment, The Strand re-opened in 1993 as a top class hotel with boutiques.

However, unlike the other large old establishments in the area, the beach has been restored in keeping with its architectonic past, and there is no new piano, there is no indoor swimming-pool and no outdoor music. This hotel is on the Yangon City Heritage List. The hotel was first featured among the chosen members of the world's most famous establishments in 1993.

After years of research, Andreas Augustin released the first story of the hotel in 2003. East Eastern & East Hotel and Raffles Hotel, further Sarkies Brothers properties. "The Tiffin Time Again." Asia's iconic hotels: the romanticism of travelling. Yangon Beach. Vienna: The most famous in the world.

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