Famous Burmese Food

Cuisine of Burma

The Burmese cuisine includes dishes from different regions of Burma (now officially known as Myanmar). Probably Burma's most famous food is lephet - fermented tea leaves. It is a famous Burmese salad of pickled tea leaves. One of Burma's most famous delicacies is lahpet, or fermented tea leaves. Well-known Fluffy Souffle pancakes from Tokyo.

Twelve tasty Burmese dishes to pass over

The Burmese kitchen is an eclectic mix of pasta, shellfish and paddy and offers a wealth of delicious meals refined with spices and sauces. The Burmese folk value the process of boiling, not the raw materials, which paves the way for a wide range of meals with continuous improvement. It is a salt or" A Thoke", it' s best enjoyed with slices of limes and scatteredpeanut.

Tasty and tasty, this characterizes the kitchen with distinctive aromas of pasta, prawns and ground veg. It is a favourite pasta and is a traditional meal. Flavoured with chickpea, cilantro, and bananas, this tasty pasta is certainly tasty.

Pasta gruel with chickens, shallot and green beans. "While the Laotians use pasta made with rices, the Thais choose pasta with eggs. It is thought to have been initially influenced by the Shan state, which inhabits Shan tribes. Season this consommé with chickens, shallot and green beans.

It is one of their famous pasta products. Nan Gyi" means pasta and "Thoke" means lettuce. You have to try this once during your Burmese goal. This is a chickens cocktail with round pasta topped with cooked egg, onion and chickpeas meal, so surprising you'll like it.

Marinated lettuce of tealeaf, refined with roasted herbs. Eggs with crème of coconuts, pasta, chickens and herbs. It is a meal in which the principal ingredients are raw rices boiled with potato, tamarin puree and prawn pastes. Coming from the palms of an ethnical group called "Intha", this is an appetising meal that you will like.

Often with roasted cloves of cloves, for a more spicy flavour you can add dry chilli peppers. Roasted dices of chickpeas meal, curcuma, salt und watermel. It' a thoroughly crisp way to get your hearts pumping. They are likely to get absorbed in this gluten-free takeaway, which is often used to make Curry and Lettuce items.

Boiled pasta with vegetable and herbs. Boiled paddy with onion, coir milks, sugars and salts. It is a tasty gravy prepared with pureed seafood or Egapi, freshly squeezed prawns and glic. It is known for improving the flavour of roasted products. Boiled pasta with chilli peppers, cloves and clove.

There are two words that are enough for the elegance of this recipe, and they are spicy and savoury. This is a typical Burmese meal, which you can refine with your own sauce. In the midst of the countless number of Burmese dishes, here are some hand-picked exquisite articles in front of you.

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