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Learn more about the greatest Burmese, including Aung San Suu Kyi, Htin Kyaw, U Thant, Ne Win and Thein Sein. Burmese cuisine is headed by the famous dish Mohinga, a bowl of rice noodles covered with fish soup and sprinkled with fried fritters. The Shan state of Myanmar is famous for its noodles. Explore Myanmar's most famous personalities such as Aung San Suu Kyi, Saki, Annabella Lwin, Maha Bandula, Thein Sein and many more. Chauk Swè Thoke - A famous Burmese food.

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The persons on the list are almost always local. This includes (occasionally) those who have either spent most of their adulthood in the host countries or have made a significant impact on the countries in their work. A famous character is absent from this page? Which kind of government does Myanmar have?

In Myanmar (Burma), which language is spoken?

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Yammar Watti Mayor, Shwe Taung Thargathu @ Mohamed Kassim @ Saya Gyi U Nu (Great Teacher or Guru) was a very famous Burmese Muslim author during King Bodawpaya. Many Muslim liturgical works he had authored and interpreted. Using Pali and other words and expressions from Burmese Jewish religion to Burmeseise Muslim lit.

Together with his floral, poetical Burmese script, his works are considered a classic of Myanmar's Muslims. 4 ] But the latest army leaders forbade Muslims to use these Pali words and concepts in Muslim religion textbooks. A well-known researcher, Colonel Ba Shin was later a member of the Myanmar History Commission,[7]UTC and the Muslim Religious Affairs Council.

Ba Nyein Kyar (Tiger) and members of his household. Ba Nyein was also a very famous Myanmar Muslim. Known as a great fighter, he even played for Burma at the Olympic Games. He had also made Myanmar's tradition of pugilism younger. And he was also a famous author. Also a celebrity journalist, his boy U Win Nyein.

Kyar Ba Nyein's Kyar Ba Nyo is also a famous author. Myint Nyein was the publisher of Payphuhlwar, a former Burmese weekly. He' s Win Nyein' s sibling. Mandalay Division NLD organizing committee member, Daw Win Mya Mya is a Panthay Muslim. 2 ] She was detained during the protest to raise the cost of gasoline quoted by worshipped Buddhist monks in Mandalay in September 2007 during the Muslims' Lent mont.

Burmese ambassadors. We also had ambassadors like U Pe Khin and U Hla Maung. Then Phae Lay was a favorite comic and famous vocalist. Also famous Burmese Muslims are Khin Maung Htoo and Chit Kaung. or Haji Hassan Latt. Capt. U Khin Maung Latt or Haji Hassan Latt was also one of the pioneering drivers after independenc.

He later became General Manager of Burma Airways and was the private driver of General Ne Win. United kyaw kyaw. He was also one of the few Myanmar Muslims to be put in the high office of military rule. Mr. Bishop was Chief Executive Officer of Myanmar Economic Bank.

He graduated from Rangoon University and later entered the State Commercial Bank of Burma as a senior executive secretary. While in office as CEO, he started the computerisation of the banking system in Burma. He has always been concerned about Burma's double dollar and the military government's uneven fiscal policies.

It also attempted to establish Myanmar Stock and Exchange in collaboration with a Japanese bank. Burmese Islamic militants. Several Myanmar Islamic militants such as Pathi Ko Lay and Dr. Kyaw Nyein also promoted the complete assembly of Burmese Muslims in Burma. Dr. Kyaw Nyein in particular had a very good relationship with the very mighty and famous Mandalay Young Buddhist Monks and was able to counteract to a certain degree the provokeurs who wanted to incite anti-Muslim feelings.

Upon his demand, genuine Mandalay Buddhist friars raided and seized nearly a hundred thousand anti-Muslim leaflets reportedly distributing the Myanmar military's intelligence officers. Daw Lu Amar, a distinguished reporter, recently published in one of the Mandalay magazines about Myanmar Muslims. They commended her for her appreciation and appreciation of Burmese culture.

As she tried to highlight the worsening of Buddhist youth in Myanmar, she pointed out that some of them did not even know how to speak to the Buddhist friars. It spoke of the abilities and courtesy of the Myanmar Muslims in their dealings and conversations with the Buddhist friars. Myanmar Muslim wealthy man, developer and investment banker U Shaw Phi, was also a very famous and well-connected figure among the locals and key warlords.

President of the Macanese Muslim group. {Malaysia} At 2:00 a.m., August 2, 2007 in Yangon, Myanmar. He was one of Myanmar's famous Muslim writers. Hawaiian Shwe Ba and Maung Maung Ta were very much loved film celebrities in Burma. Maung Maung Ta received his doctorate from the Shiite Muslims in Burma after retiring.

Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Maung Maung. South Shan State BRC Supervision Committee Chairman Lt. colonel Khalid Maung Maung Maung Maung. Celebrity Burmese Muslims in the Burmese army. In the past, there were few high-profile Burmese Muslims in the Burmese army. General Maung Maung Maung Gyi was from the Burmese Navy and Colonel Tin Soe from the Revolutionary Council of General Ne Win.

Different types of Burmese and Myanmar government have continued to govern since this advice overthrew the democratic government of U Nu. Well-known Muslim lady from Myanmar. Chairwoman of the Burma Muslim Organization. Dr. Tin Maung (son of U Kar), he was Rector of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST). Mingyi Maha Min Htin Yar Zar @ U Chone, Akhbad Myin Wun, Captain Mingyi, Mayor of the City of Pin Lae.

Mayor of Tapae, Maha Min Kyaw Thiha Min Htin @ U Pho Yit. Mín Hla Min Htin Yarzar @ U Nae Htun,Kala Won. Yarzar @ U Naw Khan, Kalay Tain Nyin Yargazo Mayor. Mayor of Sinku Maha Min Khaung Kyaw Htin @ U Pyar.

Hla Min Htin Htin Thu Rain, Warden. Minnesota Htin Yarzar, head secretary. Thiha Kyaw Htin @ U Tar, Advocate. Mint Htin Thithi Yarzar @ U Khaung, Captain Quadrant.

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