Famous Beach in Myanmar

Well-known beach in Myanmar

The Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in Myanmar. Saung Beach Ngwe, Ayeyarwady Region. Chaug-tah beach, ayeyarwady division. The Ngwe Saung Beach Ngwe Saung. It' definitely the most famous beach in Myanmar.

Burma Beaches

Myanmar's picturesque palm-fringed beach is the ideal place for a restful holiday. With its pristine sand, clear water and stylish accommodations, Ngapali Beach is Myanmar's best beach area. In Sittwe you can have fun with the local people on the beach, observe the Bengal Sea or ride your bike through the town.

Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Tha Beach are easily reached from Yangon. Myeik Islands in the south of Myanmar are the darkest of all Myanmar's shores, but they are definitely deserving of a visit.

Myanmar - Myanmar Beach - relaxing on beautiful Myanmar coast

Myanmar's beach. Burma has a very long coast in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. You' ll have several hundred kilometres (thousands?) of pristine shoreline, no hotels, only fishing communities and clear waters. Burma has enormous natural resources with beautiful unspoilt sandy areas. There are currently few touristically developed places, but the location is rapidly evolving and new beautiful sandy areas will soon open southwards of Ngapali or southwards of Ngwe Saung.

It is a true joy for us to travel by road along the costs to find a secluded area, secluded beach that we can offer our clients, or just to be on the beach of pure sands. They have two particular periods in Myanmar where it is very hard to book a hotel on the beach:

As a rule, most of the most beautiful properties are already booked out well in advance. As a rule, the most beautiful ones are not. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice on hotel reservations. Each year, from April 12-18, you have Myanmar celebrations for the Buddhist New Year and the Thuringyanfest. The weather is warm, very warm 40C° and more, so most Myanmarers go to the mountain stations (to find cold air), travel abroad or go to the resorts (Ngwe Saung and Ngapali).

When you are planning to go to the beach at its own pace, make your reservation well in advance or try to go before or after the aquaplan. Beach Ngapali: This is the most famous beach in Myanmar and has been a favorite tourist spot for years. The sea is really beautiful, clear, hot, the beach is calm, clear, very soothing.

There is a large selection of accommodation and if you are looking for luxurious accommodation, this is where you will find the best beachfront accommodation. A number of new properties have a rocky beach (not sand) and/or are near the international airports. On the way to Ngapali: Families, kids, people looking for a peaceful place, looking for medium to upper class hotel.

The Ngwe Sung Beach: Ngwe Sung Beach is a wonderful, very long beach at the Gulf of Bengal (like Ngapali), 6 hours by car from Yangon. It is a long, sandy beach with fine and quite rugged south. Accommodation is less exclusive than in Ngapali (if you are looking for an exclusive hotel), and you will find a cheaper or medium sized accommodation more convenient (many options).

Unfortunately there are more and more motorcycles, quad bikes and even jet skis on the beach. Let's just hopefully get them settled quickly, like in Ngapali. The selection of establishments is very restricted and you do not have any luxurious establishments (for those looking for upmarket ones). The waters in this area are darker, the mangroves make it slippery, and you are also close to some large creeks.

Seriously, there is a better option in Myanmar (Ngapali, Ngwe Saung, Dawei Penninsula or Mergui Archipelago). At the side of the Indian Ocean the waters are really beautiful, especially on the southwest of Dawei (picture above). and there' s nobody on the beach. The majority of places are (almost) still untouched, with very few inns.

As there are few of them ('2018), some are just beach cabins, so don't be expecting 3 or 4 star service. The waters are beautiful, most of the time, most of the time, you will be insulated on solitary shores, and you may even have to run 300 or 500 metres through a wood to get to the city.

It' a really cute place if you want to be in a secluded area, almost alone with very few comforts ('no AC, usually a few hrs of power, if any)..... It is a breathtaking place, home to several hundred islands, clear, unspoiled waters and a small indigenous group of people, Moken, who live on canoes?

To stay and the beaches: - Along the coast the water is cloudy, with many mangrove trees, one has almost no motel. - It' s only those shores on the isles of the arcipelago that have clean sands, clear waters and no one to disturb you. The only two of them ( "2018") are situated on a seperate isle in the south of the arcipelago (not far from Thailand).

They are both really nice places and you can make a full moon trip to the near isles. From Myanmar you can leave at the entry point for Myanmar at Sudan.

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