Family Life in Myanmar

Myanmar Family Life

This is the love and humour that is very much part of Myanmar's family life. But everyone has their own ideal of family life. The type of family everyone wants depends on their choice. This is the love and humour that is very much part of Myanmar's family life. At the centre of the house is the living area for the family.

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We need a family? Sociologist Daw Ye Kyain argues in her Balancing Giving and Taking that as a human being a human being, everyone in the whole wide globe needs a family to lead them on. But everyone has their own ideals about family life. The type of family everyone wants will depend on their choices.

"I' m free to run my own family as I please. But I can divide feelings, affection, warmth and joy. Genuine boyfriendship is important in life, so it's vital for a family," she said. One of the company's employees, Ma Ngu Wah Aung, 27, said she wanted to have a large family with three to four kids because she had grown up in a small, serene family.

"If I' m getting married, the first thing I need to know is whether I have or not. I' m the only one who has to like the kids as much as I do. I' d like to have a big family," she said. Myanmar's family life is ideal if it is shaped by buddhistic cultures and ritual.

One of the most frequent questions in Myanmar is: Do you still have your family? This enables individuals to build their privacy on the basis of their family situations or even to pride themselves on their family triumph. The Buddha's teachings make Mingala Suda one of the leaders and means for persons of all age in their everyday lives.

First and foremost, there is a responsibility and responsibility between men and women and their offspring, a schoolteacher and their pupils, and between employer and work. The family members have to take part in their responsibilities, as one man is still regarded as provider, while the female is to run the cuisine.

While many no longer respects certain old or traditional ways, they can appreciate the division of tasks within the family as a means of maintaining a healthy domestic life. The 36-year-old Ko Zaw Htwe Oo, who works in a cabinet said that an important factor for a prosperous family life is interrelations.

In order to have the perfect family, men and woman should have the right to vote, but not be too sensible or selfish, he said. "I' d like to have my own family and many ideas about who my prospective husband is. Up to now it means that I am far away from matrimonial life because I am still too picky," he said.

"It' difficult because men think too much when they're learned. Ko Zaw Htwe Oo believes that a woman's training is at the centre of a family' success, but it should also be comprehensible and maternal. "He said, "If a man can persuade a lady not to go to a pub or to another place when he comes back from the ministry, she is sure to have a family of happiness, and she will be his perfect for the remainder of his life.

Family life, however, is very different from the real world. The way this life is maintained depends on the endurance, comprehension and maturation of each individual, says U Htin Aung, 42, a professor. "It' difficult to shape or shape what you want from your kids or your family. It' will only result in rubbish if you try to take a look at two different background, beliefs and the like," he said.

It' a kind of humanitary goodness that should be practised both in the family and in society," said U Htin Aung. A few people are entering marriage without being aware of each other's customs and shortcomings. It is often a great time to have kids when a pair meets.

Even though a pair begins its marriage life with a powerful impassioned affection, which receives the number 1500 in the Buddhist doctrine due to its strength, this is mitigated to the comradely and clean affection, which equals the number 528. It is only when it is 528 that it can be powerful enough to overcome the difficulties that life brings and that hold a family together.

In Myanmar, divorces are difficult due to the prevalent societal standards, and divorces are not regarded as irreverent. There are many people who hide behind a cool smiling face from the kids and suppress the increasing suspense and discontent among themselves. Man and woman are fully accountable for a prosperous and prosperous family.

It is always difficult to forgiven and to forgo every little thing in the world. We need to recognize each other's weak points and strengths, preferences and aversions, and to embrace each other's efforts to create family life," said Daw May Oo Tha of Win-Win, a grassroots women's organization.

"A woman's loneliness and generousness are the main factors in a family' maintenance or division. It is the pivotal part in family life to channelling the psychologic outcomes," she said. "Family members have the opportunity to freely voice their emotions, good or not. Women should take the leadership to get advice, as it is providing the family with psychic support," she said.

"All it takes for a happy family to start by breaking the icecream. Also, some fight and play, joke and cry is good for family life, but you need to get rid of ego and egocentricity to create affection and affectionate friendliness if you want to have a prosperous family life. "but you can't buy a family along with the confidence, charity, care and safety it has.

However you can deserve such loving, patient and sacrifice through your own efforts and sharing," said Daw May Oo Tha.

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