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Take the family to Yangon? We offer you family accommodation in Yangon at reasonable prices with our price promise. The Thamada Family Hotel is a great place to stay in Yangon. The Thamada Family Hotel offers excellent accommodation with parking and luggage storage. Pullman Yangon Hotel Centrepoint Kid's Club: tailor-made services for a successful family holiday in YANGON with children's activities and connecting rooms.

Best family-friendly hotels in Yangon

Do you plan a journey to Yangon with children and are you looking for a family-friendly hotel in Yangon? For a start, you won't find a hotel in Yangon that has a children's nightclub or open family-friendly amenities. But if you are looking for an adventurous Myanmar with children, I assume this is not really the kind of hotel you are looking for.

You will find a hotel that welcomes them, a pool, a children's menu in the restaurants, rolling cots and nativity scenes, and your child can even find funny little treats like a duck or a peacock that roam the area. If you are travelling to Myanmar with your child, we have found that most of our accommodation will cost up to $70 per overnight stay for an additional cot, which can make a big dent in your hotel bill!

I' d definitely verify this before booking so you have this information when you compare hotel room rates. One other thing that took us by surprise when we planned our journey to Myanmar with children was how much the hotel actually cost. Because Myanmar is still relatively off the beaten tracks in Asia, we had thought that everything would be much less costly than it actually was.

We' ve also noticed that rates vary depending on the hotel reservation page. Therefore, if you are looking for family-friendly hotel accommodation in Yangon, I would suggest you check with a hotel reservation page such as Hotel Combine, which will compare hotel rates from all the different hotel reservation pages on the Internet.

When we planned our trip to Yangon, we found some good opportunities. So, if you decide where you would like to spend the night with children in Yangon, here is an overview of the best family owned Yangon hotels: This luxurious, family-friendly hotel in Yangon is situated in a peaceful side street in the green ambassador quarter and is accommodated in a colonial-style manor house from the 1920s, in which air-cooled verandas and hand-carved Teakwood furnishings take you back to the past time of Burma's colonialism.

A luxurious family hotel in Yangon with 49 large rooms, two dining rooms and a lounge in the midst of luxuriant tropic garden. Childrens card with all the common crisps like fishy crisps, pastas and chickens, while the children's food makes the grown-ups feel good. Governor's Residence Yangon Public SPA.

Most of all we like the beautiful large flat surface of the beautiful large indoor sunbathing area where children can enjoy playing while Mom and Daddy are lounging on a sunbed in the shadow of a typical Myanmar canopy. There' s a large grass where the children can walk around, full of goose and duck and fish in the many lotuses that surround the area.

Also the peafowl living here, who wandered around, created a lot of commotion among our children. For the latest Belmond Governor's Residence rates, click here and view our full report on the Belmond Governor's Residence. Shangri-La Hotel, Sule Shangri-La Yangon provides contemporary, luxury accommodations with all rooms and suite equipped with all Mod-Cons.

This hotel is one of the best family owned in Yangon. It' the most central of our most family-friendly Yangon hostels, just a few minutes walk from the Colonial District, Sule Pagoda and Bogyoke Aung San markets. Five different pubs and diners are available, among them the cosmopolitan Café Sule and Summer Palace, a traditional bar and dining area in Canton.

If you are travelling to Yangon with small offspring, you will appreciate the children's menu option, where under 6s enjoy free meals with one parent in the cafeteria and 50% off for under-6s. Photograph by kind permission of Shangri-La Hotel. Yangon's open-air bath in this central family-friendly hotel is ideal for relaxing after a busy sight-seeing session and your guests will also appreciate the facilities at the hotel's own private beachfront.

It is also connected to a small commercial centre and is just a stone's throw from Junction City, the newest commercial centre in Yangon. The top tip for Sule Shangri-La Yangon is to turn your reservation into a Horizon Club room, where you can not only take advantage of the magnificent view over Yangon, but also have free beverages and refreshments during the night lycee.

Please click here to see the current Sule Shangri-La Yangon tariff. A further family-friendly Yangon Hotel is the Savoy Hotel Yangon. It is no wonder that Savoy has the image of one of the friendliest and most personal hotels in Yangon, with only 30 rooms.

Roller cots and cots are available on demand, while the rooms can be connected to each other for large groups or people with older babies. Childrens and adults will enjoy the charm of the swimming pools and the pub by the lake will help you to relax after a full days of viewing. While there are two restaurant in the hotel offering both traditional and traditional food, the parent of choosy youngsters will be happy to know that it is only a quick stroll to Sharky's, one of Yangon's favorite places that serve great pizzas and is known for delivering Yangon's best icecream!

Located just 10 minutes by car from Yangon city centre, this top Yangon family hotel is also within 10 minutes walk of Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon's most prestigious and spectacular anchor. To see the current rates for the Savoy Hotel Yangon, click here. Thanlwin Guest House is a favourite option if you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in Yangon.

A number of rooms are suitable for family use, among them royal rooms, double rooms and even a four-bed room with bunkbeds. Please be aware that kids 6 years and older are regarded as an adult when making a reservation. Also in the evening this is a favourite place where visitors can meet and exchange hints and tales of their Yangon outings.

Though only 20 minutes by car from Yangon city centre, this affordable family hotel is only 5 minutes walking distance from Inya Lake and Myanmar Plaza Shops, one of the largest centers in Yangon, where you will find both a grocery store and a mega-market. Please click here to see the current Thanlwin Guest House tariff.

Are you looking for an idea of what you can do with children in Yangon? Have a look at our Yangon with children report. Traveling with children in Myanmar? Find lots of great inspirations and suggestions in our Myanmar with children product. When you make a reservation through one of our affiliated sites, we earn a small fee - at no additional charge to you.

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