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The Family Entertainment Group Co. Yangon, Family Entertainment Group Co. The Family Entertainment Group is based in Mandalay, Myanmar. Group Family Entertainment address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Human Resources Officer at the Family Entertainment Group.

Who we areĀ | 4 TV

In Myanmar, 4 TV is one of the country's foremost pay TV operators. 4 TV offers a broad range of TV stations from entertainment, films, film, audio, life style, sport to consumer education and with the most popular stations in highdefinition quality. Forever Group Co Ltd. and Family Entertainment founded the first locally based pay-TV operator "5 Network" in 2005, aimed at all age groups.

Forever Group Co Ltd. launched 14 new global distribution channel in 2006. During 2010, 4 TV launched its first own broadcast TV productions on the Yangon based Yangon based satelliteTV. By May 2011, 4 TV was able to improve its service to its clients and launched the first High Definition Quality Receivers with High Definition Channel.

Mandalay extended its reach from 4 TV to Mandalay in September 2013 and Naypyitaw in October 2013 in response to public demand for domestic and foreign broadcasters. January 2015 saw the launch of 4TV's new in-house high-definition station "For Damen HD", which is aimed at women and features content from Korea such as cosmetic concept, fashions and the Myanmar Subtitles programme.

4TV showshops will open in Myanmar in 2016.4TV subscribers can register with CB,AYA,MAB and 1STOP.4TV High Definition TV receiver will also be available in City Mart and Ocean supermarkets.

Worked for the Family Entertainment Group: staff appraisals

There were pauses and a lot of work. All in all a great companionship, but still raw at the fringes. It' s just to make a living, you come by doing the very least, with the few of us who come in and clear up after every scam and then run into "lack of effort" demos without warn.

Really quick tempo. Spoke a promise that the firm would cover the Massachusetts amusement mechanics test, but it didn't happen. Manager you work to the bones to make more cash that is pressed out of the customer. You didn't mind if you had a plan after work, work came first, not family..... When you are someone who actually does his work and has a good work morale, you do NOT work for this business.

The Family Entertainment Group is a recognised market-leading company in the areas of game-room designing, developing, consulting and operation. Since 2004, we have owned and operated national and international first-class, family-oriented establishments and offer service and solution for a variety of industries, among them theme parks, bowl centres, canteens, FECs, Hotels, cinemas, restaurancies, retailers, waterways and more.

Since we are recognised as the leading provider of entertainment and entertainment solutions, well-known producers and publishers often use us as a test environment for new devices and release - this allows us to provide our business partner with new, innovative devices and one-of-a-kind first-to-market-possibilities. Regardless of whether you are assessing potential sites or defining the particular mixture of facilities and designs, our experts will help you to build a lucrative entertainment business - no matter how intricate.

I' ve learnt both technological and human abilities that can also be used outside the workstation. That' not a bad day's work for a little spending cash, but don't ask for more than that. I had a good and enthusiastic executive who was very good at acting on behalf of the employees, although he was still very much in the lead.

However, the CP above him was usually hostile, rude patronizing and quickly prepared to punish both employees and manager public. The year I worked for this firm, I have grown and benefited from it. My experience with this firm was different from any other work I have done. From the very first morning, this enterprise will welcome you as a "family".

All in all, you select where you are in the firm. It is highly recommended that I work for the Family Entertainment Group. Many quick times that will make your days pass quickly. There are many things to do. The Family Entertainment Group is a good business, but they have a tendency to paying folks for what they are valuable, and the advantages are not the greatest (you can only get them if you are eventually seen as a full-time employee).

From there I learnt most of the HR operations processes of the HR Director. One of the most pleasant parts of the work is the employees' weekly work.

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