Here you will find the perfect Falbkatze archive photo. Explore Marina's Board "Oman Falbkatze" on Pinterest. Declination of Falbkatze, all cases, declination tables of many German nouns. Purchase Brehms My Wild Folded Cat from Dymock's online BookStore. The feline or African wild cat is a collective name for the subspecies of the wild cat from the family of cats living in Africa.

Afrikan Wildcat Fold cat Felis Lybica Africa Wild C Stock Photo & More Images of American Wildcat

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Folded or wild black and white wild feline is a collective name for the sub-species the wild feline from the Africa -living cattery. It is highly probable that the furling feline is the house cat's sole ancestors. There are nine subtypes of the wildcat, which corresponds to the folding-cattype.

Choice: the dun cat is similar in shape and look to our (. They are sandy (beige to grey) and slender. Weighing about 5-6 kg, it can also weigh up to 8 kg. Fondcats Sicily and Sardinia are to be found in whole Africa with the exception of the deserts, but also on the islets.

Of the nine sub-species, five are living in the rainforests of Western and Central Africa, but are much less well researched than the sub-species of open habitats. Fold cats feed mainly on smaller rodent species, but also feed on smaller poultry, amplibians and animals as well as sometimes even scorpions and cobwebs.

In Washington, the feline is included in Annex B on the conservation of endangered animals. This greatly reduces the trading of folding cats. However, the biggest endangerment is not threatened by man nor by the loss of habitats, but by the common mixing with ferocious ore domestic cats.

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