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It is one of the cities in Burma that lies within the municipality of Falam. It is the capital of Falam District, Nothern Chin Sate. The state is located in the western sector of the Republic of Myanmar, the.

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It is the main city of the Falam District in northern China. It has two counties in Chin State, Falam in the N ortheast and Mindat in the S.. Falam, Tiddim, Tunzan and Htantalan form the district of Falam. Falam was the pre-1965 capitol of Chin State. But in 1965 the then Chin State Administration (Chin Uzi) resolved to move the main city from Falam to Hakha, which is located in the centre of the state and has the capacity for expansion.

It is ironic that the Chin State Administration was not relocated from Falam, but from Kalay, which was in the Tagaing State, to Hakha. Though Falam was no longer the capitol, it still keeps some of its former splendour. Falam has two and three-storey brickwork houses and a large Baptist temple in the centre of the city.

The Falam was constructed on the hillside of a ridge in several stages. The Falam gals are known for being the most handsome in all of China. Nearly all the Falamites are Christians, most of them Baptists. In the vicinity of Falam you can attend and honour the convent where the once renowned Buddhist monk U Ottamathara was.

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