We at FALA are committed to helping students learn new techniques, develop new skills and open doors to a new future. The company develops and builds advanced tools and innovative systems for the semiconductor, medical, solar, transport and aerospace industries. A light film about Franklin D. Roosevelt's dog Fala. Who''Fala the Laker''?

The Fala the Laker is the official mascot of Roosevelt University.


I am pleased to welcome you to the Florida Assistant Living Association (FALA). The FALA is a highly qualified organisation that represents the owner and operator of managed residential and nursing home services for adults in the state of Florida. The memberships include profit-oriented and non-profit institutions for supervised housing and nursing home for adults with a capacity of two (2) to four hundred and seventy-five (475) single-bed.

FALA has set itself the task of supporting its members in caring for the inhabitants of supervised residential establishments at the highest level. It is home to some of the most expert groups of sheltered housing experts in the state of Florida. The FALA fosters best practice in the workplace, promoting high levels of standard and lobbying on its members' and the industry's behalf. FALA's mission is to promote best practice in the workplace.

The company is the Florida's premier supplier of educational and vocational programs for managed housing and nursing homes for adults. FALA Board is excited about the bright prospects for our sector and we appreciate those who join and help the Florida AHA. You are encouraged to discover our services, to keep in touch and to strengthen yourself and the sector.

The FALA Foundation (the Foundation) is committed to the further training of supervised persons, the awarding of grants and informing the general population about supervised sheltering. It is a 501(c)(3) and your contribution to the Foundation is subject to income taxes. This foundation awards grants to people who work in the field of sheltered housing and wish to further their career on the basis of the following points:

Beneficiaries have been working for a FALA member for at least two (2) years.


In this year we celebrate 25 years of ministry and commitment to our members. We also celebrate 25 years of ministry and devotion that our members have shown to tens of millions of residents, family members and staff. Come with us as we remember past achievement, emphasize current achievement and formulate a visions for lasting power and oneness under a heritage of leadership.

The year' s event will gather a high-profile group of keynote contributors who will cover a wide range of issues including medicinal cannabis and healthcare experts; lead with affection; possibilities for property investment; the need for a societal revolution; as well as other critical issues such as Alzheimer's disease, misuse, abandonment and depletion, security in the case of ALF, promotion and surgery.

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