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Obtain the wrong weather forecast. The Robert Mann Galerie is pleased to present new works by Julie Blackmon in her fourth solo exhibition with the gallery, "Fake Weather". National Weather Service had to warn people on Twitter to look for fake predictions. Weather Forecasts ability for snips. Now, let's make false weather forecasts.

It' rains of terror: Egyptians want to take action against "false" weather forecasts | World Newspapers

While Donald Trump may take routine action against the "fake press ", Egypt is doing better when it comes to "fake" weather forecasting. Egyptian meteorological authority chief has said that it is the only governmental authority entitled to make weather forecast of the land and is drafting a bill to do so.

EMA President Ahmed Abdel-Al said in a TV conversation that the bill aims to penalise "anyone who talks about weather science, or anyone who uses a weather forecaster without our permission, or anyone who causes weather confusion". EMA is Egypt's most important, if not the only, resource for national information on the country's weather.

Egypt's press is under growing scrutiny and counterfeit messages are often directed to journalists and sales points, even those who report for the state. However, erroneous weather forecasts are scarce, except perhaps for the yearly recurrence of fake photographs showing snows on the Giza Pyramid and the Giza Dolphin.

However, weather forecasts have sometimes become politically relevant, for example when the Egyptian Home Affairs Department in 2015 asserted that floods in the seaside town of Alexandria were not due to infrastructure problems but were the result of members of the forbidden Muslim Brotherhood who blocked outflows with cements. The Egyptian prosecutor's department established a helpline in March under which Egyptians can broadcast fake-messages.

In recent few desperate weather events, severe rains and sand storms have occurred in the state. Egyptian administrative control authorities were charged with not being prepared for the terms and were allegedly suspected and sent to state attorneys.

Fake Weather - Weather conditions in the App Store

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Even I couldn't see a false weather forecast because every case I tried to type something in, a different display appeared. Up to six members of the group can use this application.

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