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Explore where few from the West have been and explore the ancient pagodas, bustling cities and fascinating landscapes. Under the brand "GET", Green Explorer Travel is an innovative tour operator based in the Republic of Myanmar. Lake Inle is basically shallow and lies in the heart of Myanmar. Is Myanmar appealing to your imagination? The trek offers spectacular views of the mountain ranges along the border with India and Myanmar as we hike through jungles and Rawang tribal villages.

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Now a trip to Burma provides an authentic glimpse into ancient Southeast Asia, a cry from the light fluorescent light and the 7 events of Bangkok. Many of its guests describe a vacation in Myanmar as'the same as 30 years ago in Thailand'. A visit to Inle Lake should not be missing on any vacation in Burma.

While Myanmar has many beautiful and interesting places to see, here are some of its outstanding highlights: High up on the Shan Plateau, Lake Inle is a place where traditions take precedence, from the proudly dressed folk people to the hand-made boat-building and weavings.

In fact, there is only one single tourist resort in the whole island, with very few hotels that make it this far inland. While it is possible to visit Burma at any season, it is important to know that there are three different times of the year in this part of the world:

It is the arid, warm and humid seasons. Traveling in any seasons has its own pros and cons, as described below: March and April are the brief peak of Myanmar's year, when the temperature can exceed 40° C. The weather is very warm. Of course, you will see fewer visitors this year, and explore-tours will be adjusted to begin early and take a long luncheon to prevent the mid-day heats.

South-West Monsoon meets Myanmar at the end of May and continues until October. The rainy period is expecting the rains to drop every single working day, and while the rains are very strong, they usually last only 1-2 hrs a year. It is possible to travel to Burma at this hour of the year, but some degree of flexibilty is needed to optimize the route and prevent the most frisson.

But with an open spirit you can enjoy Myanmar with a few other visitors in its most green and green.

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