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Discover Burma Highlights

The outstanding highlight of Burma are the temples of Bagan. Maps of Myanmar highlights including Myanmar. The Myanmar Highlights Tour program is designed to help you discover the best of Myanmar. Discover the highlights of the Myanmar Explorer cruise: We must mention the Kaba Aye Temple, the World Peace Pagoda and the Mahapasana Cave as soon as we have the opportunity to visit the highlights of Myanmar.

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Hello, I am an experienced freelance traveller and have been visiting Burma for over 8 years. Bagan Come to the village fair and get an idea of the busy city. You' ll be spending the whole of your days discovering the architectonic treasures of this astonishing city by visiting a wide range of the most important Pagoda and Shrine.

You will then find out more about the area' s cultural heritage by visiting two of Bagan's best known products: lacquerware and woodworking. Lean back and marvel at the beauties of Bagan as you gradually see the sundown behind the old pagodas. Bagan - Heho - Inle Lake 5th Dinner. After breakfasts, flight to Heho, the gate to Inle Lake.

At Heho we go to NyaungShwe, where we collect our boats and bring them to your hotels for check-in. You can also take a full-time trip by personal ferry in Bele Sea. The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the holiest place of worship in South Shan State. You will be surprised by the craftsmanship, silversmithing, silks, wood looms and craftsmanship.

Passing infinite swimming pools, cottages, monasteries along the lakeside. We will stop at Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery and then drive to Nampan to visit the Burma's own cigar making plant (Cheroot) and canoeing workshop.

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