Exotic Shorthair

-Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair is in every respect a short-haired Persian with the same body shape and flattened face. It has a short and thick coat. All you need to know about Exotic Shorthairs, including care, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding a good breeder and much more. These are breeders of Exotic Shorthair & Persian cats based in Yorkshire. Exotic Shorthair will not require much attention, but she is a playful entertainer who makes her an excellent companion.

Race meeting: exotics shorthair cats

Nonnonsense service and minimum shredding make it the perfect companion for cats. Shorthaired cats were created in the 1950' s when the US kitten Carolyn Bussey chose to breed a bay Myan type with a Persian to make a bay type Persian. Instead, however, some lovely little dark-haired kitties were given birth, which she later chose over the Persian because they had short coat and were easy to care for.

She was committed to making the Exotic Shorthair - as she called her - a purebred cats. In 1967 the race was appointed champion by the CFA and in 1971 the very first Exotic Shorthair got the Grand Champion title, which led to the fact that the race was appointed CFA's Catholic of the Year in 1991.

Because of the crossbreeding the very early Exotic Shorthairs were a bit more energetic than their Farsi family. In the last four centuries, however, the race has started to behave more like the Persians in both behavior and appearance. They are even more cheerful than their relations, but it is their lightness and tranquility that makes them family-friendly.

You will also find that the Exotic Shorthair is not a jumping cats, which means that it does not roam around the home and cause aggravation. Exotic Shorthair has often been described as a short-haired Asian Shorthair and fulfils practically every other standart of this cattery. This race's coat is also thick, making the cats look much taller than they actually are.

Exotic Shorthair will weigh about 15 pounds, but because of its strong, firm feet and muscles it stays quite near the floor. Her throat is thick but still small and wears an impressive large skull. This race's face is the same as that of the Persians; wide and narrow with a shallow nostril.

It is not particularly susceptible to diseases or hereditary abnormality, but because of the form of the head, its nostrils and nostrils are quite narrow, so that the lacrimal canals tend to be overflowing.

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