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Myanmar Exotic Travel & Tour. Myanmar Exotic Travel & Tour: A visit to Myanmar is exotic, impressive and unforgettable at every turn. With the help of the travel agency EXOTIC MYANMAR we booked hotels, boat and plane tickets. Myanmar exotic travel.

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Myanmar Exotic Tours & Travels - Legit? Hello, I wanted to make a reservation with Exotic. I' ve been hearing about them on The Man In Seat 61 website, so I sent them an email to get a railpass. Had Exotic got the tickets for me, I would have to collect them the next morning in the town from where the trains leave.

But I couldn't, because I wouldn't arrive in town until later in the evening, and the next day the trains left very early. So I e-mailed Exotic asking them to stop the transaction and asked for a reimbursement - I wasn't serious about reclaiming my small amount of US dollars, I just wanted to see what they would say.

So I never had the opportunity to use their service, but I would try if I returned to Myanmar.

Myanmar Exotic

It is intended for travellers wishing to travel through the countryside for the first while. This exotic Myanmar itinerary is recommended for anyone who wants to see Myanmar. Accommodation23 overnight stays in a B & B motel, one overnight stay in the Chinese town of Aye. 2 overnight stays in a woodland campsite in the Chinese Mountains and in the NAP.

There are hotels of any kind (one to five stars) at all available locations. The best period of the year is from October to May. Notice: You will need vermicelli when you go to see Chin. Hiking is done during your tour of the Chin Hill Town.

Please do not hesitate to get a rebate or promotional offer for individuals, families or groups. You will be picked up at Yangon International Airport by our corporate agent. Once you have checked into your accommodation, take the free moment. Once you have arrived in Yangon, you can spend half a full working days in the city or relax at your own resort to get refreshed for your great tip in Myanmar.

You will enjoy your evening meal and an overnight stop at a Yangon based motel. Mornings we will be visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda, an over 2500 year old giant gold Stupa on the highest mound of Yangon. This is the most beloved and sacred place of the Myanmar Buddhists and landmark. Afterwards you will watch the early bird markets and the colourful Thirimingalar Markets, the largest vegetables markets in Myanmar.

Towards the city centre, you' ll stop at the historical Botahtaung Lagoon, the Yangon river site and Strand Park as well as the oldest 5-star Myanmar hotels and one of the most renowned historical Asian city colonies. The 2000-year-old Sule Pause and some of the city's lovely old farmhouses are worth a trip. After lunch we continue to the Chaukhtautgyi Buddha picture, the largest lying picture in Yangon and Ngahtatgyi seated Buddha picture.

At night you walk through the old Yangon and see the true live of the Chinese population. Dawn flights to Heho and on to Pindaya through two hour drive to Pindaya Grotto, a renowned liner rock cavern with over 3000 Buddha images of different kinds of metal in different greys.

For a long while it was hiding on the rock behind the shrubs and was found in 1981. A visit to the caves is like the entrance to the wonderful Buddha image museums of the Shan. At night walk around the Pindaya Lakes and the town. Supper and night in your room. Drive to I le Lakes and explore the life style of the Inthar, who are living in the country's highest lakes, the Inle Lakes, which is the second biggest and in the midst of the misty shan-mountains.

The Phaungdaw Oo Buddha for its five gold Buddha pictures from the eleventh and an old Buddha picture gallery in the Jumping Cat Monastery during the daytime. Returning to the motel we are enjoying the nice sundown. Mornings we will be visiting the colourful five-day fair to see colourful Sami Shans by taking a picturesque ship through swimming vegetables and ethnical towns.

An outing by ship through the towns takes you back to a hundred years ago. At Indein we hike through the destroyed pagoda compound to discover the impressive old Buddha pictures in and out of the destroyed pagoda churches. We' ll take the leisure to be free and relaxed in the quiet evenings.

We will have our breakfasts in the hotels and drive to the Mandalay International Airports. Later in the day you will be able to see the Bawgyo Pagoda and watch the sundown. Overnight at Mr.Char Guesthouse for your enjoyment. In the mornings boating on the foggy riverbank is beautiful and tranquil to have a holiday in an old Shan convent, over a hundred years old wood convent with old Buddha pictures inside, through 45 minutes hiking in the colourful fertile fields of riverside fruit and veg.

We' ll take our own leisure in the convent to watch their everyday lives. In the afternoon we go to a Shan-Dorf, which is very nice as a colourful backyard, called Sein Lone-Dorf. We' ll try delicious shan pasta broth for dinner in the town. At night we make an easier hike to a cascade for about an h...

Overnight at Mr.Char Guesthouse in Thibaw. Cruising the world's second highest overpass, the historical Gokhtaik, is one of the best trains in Myanmar. We reach Pyin Oo Lwin railroad terminal in the evenings and see the Pyichit Buddha picture, the gigantic picture of marbles and the most attractive botanic gardens in Pyi Oo Lwin.

An overnight stop in Pyin Oo Lwin will make you feel tranquil in a cool temper. We continue to Mandalay after an trip to the Morgenmarkt, old farmhouses and the Pwe Kauk-waterfalls. At the end of your meal, you' ll be checking into your Mandaly hotels and taking your free day to refresh yourself on your long trip.

A leisurely night in the MANDALAY Palace or a walk in the MANDALAY Palace will be your delight. Later in the afternoon you will see Amarapura, the Mahamuni Buddha picture and its grounds, overcrowded with pilgrimage sites during the holiday, and the Mahagandaryone Convent, one of the largest convent colleges for over a thousand cultured Buddhist monks.

We will visit the Shwenandaw Convent, the most beautiful wood carving convent originating from the King Thibaw's residence, the Kuthodaw Pagoda, known as the "World Biggest Book" for its 729 slabs of the Buddhist Pali canons and the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, a great Buddha picture.

On the Mandalay hillside, during the quiet period of sundown, we have a wonderful panoramic look at the town of Mandalay and its landscape. We will take a cruise on the powerful Ayeyarwaddy in the mornings to discover the way of living of the local population.

Our first stop for the daily programme is the world's largest walking bells, Mingun Bell, Myanmar's largest shrine, Mingunphahtotawgyi and the world's most magnificent shrine, Myatheindan Zadi in the town of Mingun. Then, we head to Legaing hills with over 500 nudges and Buddhist abbeys to the Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda and the Buddha pictures of U Minthonesel Caves on the hills.

At night we go to Inwa for an old teak-bagaya-convent, an old brickwork-convent, Maha Aungmye Bonezan-convent and Nanmyint Watch Tower. We continue in the mornin' to Monywa, Burma's largest city in western Myanmar and the major gateway to India. On our half days drive to Monywa we visited Kaung Hmu Daw Padgoda and the smithy in the village of Sagaing.

The lunch in Monywa and our visit will include Thanbodday Temple, Bawdi Tahtaung Pagoda, Alantayar Buddha Picture, the second biggest lying Buddha Picture and the world's highest Buddha Laykyunsatkyar Standing Buddha Slide. The day ends with an accommodation in Monywa. We' re going to the other side of the Chindwin River to Kapine.

It' one of the first Myanmar parks. In Gonenyinpin we will have lunch and have a look at the Phayar Wa Elefant Camps for the everyday activities and way of living of the humans who are living together with the animals in the forrest. The Thit Lone Pin Waldcamp is reached in the evenings.

Overnight stay in the guesthouse looks like a camping-tour. Following breakfasts visiting the Alaungdawkassapa den with bull walking for an hours. We have to take two more Elefanten into the thick woods for a trek in the evenings. We go on our liveaboard tour along the Thapeiksay brook in the evenings.

Mornings we return to Kapine where you will drive 20 kilometers of adventures. Take your photo on the road. We' ll spend the evening at the Monywa hotels. The visit to Phowintaung Pagoda, one of Asia's concealed monuments, will be a high point of your journey.

Many limestone cavern chests with paintings from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries on the inner walls and various dimensions of Buddha-paintings. In the afternoon we drive to Pakokku to discover some old Buddhist monasteries in Pakhan. Accommodation in a small guesthouse in Pakokku will provide you with a relaxed atmoshere.

We' re going to the other side of the Chindwin River to Kapine. It' one of the first Myanmar parks. In Gonenyinpin we will have lunch and have a look at the Phayar Wa Elefant Camps for the everyday activities and way of living of the humans who are living together with the animals in the forrest.

The Thit Lone Pin Waldcamp is reached in the evenings. Overnight stay in the guesthouse looks like a campsite outing. Half days walk to Pan Aut Chin after the visit of the early bird markets. During our visit to the town we will visit an old shaman's home, timber masts commemorating their natural feasts, old graves in their graveyard and old Chin shacks adorned with lots of heads, horn and bone of various beasts.

We will take our leisure activities in the evenings or go to other towns near the city. We' ll eat in a small eatery and spend the nights in a small townhouse. Following your breakfasts, you will begin your early hours drive to the Crake River in the middle of the Chin Mountains. Leaving our car at a small viaduct, we head to the old tradition towns of Chin, Kyardo and Lutpe for about an hours and a half.

You will visit the town and then dance with the Chin Khaungye winery. Dinner in the town and drive to the other part of the chain to get our car and drive to Aye Island for another hours. It' going to be very chilly in the town, because Aye means "cold village".

Observing the Chinese way of living in the town, and to study the old Chinese with their tattoos, is one of the highlights of ourjourney. Evening meal and accommodation in a cottage are a unique event. There will be a tough trek in the first three quarters and in the resting period until the summit.

It' the home of Myanmar's bird and orchid wildlife. When we have rested in the city of Kampalat, we visit the city to see the way of living of the population. We will be happy about the evening meal at the Pine Hill Hôtel and the overnight accommodation service. We drive in the mornings to the historic city of Bagan, where we visit antique churches and Stupa.

Along the way we are enjoying the picturesque long trip to the Waldberg and visiting Saw and some towns. At night you reach Bagan, one of the wonder of the word and the largest UNESCO site in Asia and the country's singular Myanmar culture heritages. At night you can watch the sun set in a large pyathatgyi-theatre.

You will have supper and a night in a Bagan hotels for refreshment. Mornings we will be visiting the colourful Nyaung Oo Vegetables Fair, the best example of the Shwezegone Nyaung Oo Nyaung, the Htilominlo Tempel, the three-storey Khayminga Stupa in five corners. It' a one-of-a-kind gift not only from Bagan, but also from Myanmar.

At night we will see Manuha Buddha paintings, the only one to be adorned with stonemasonry, Nan Phayar and Gupyutgyi temples, which were used for his paintings from the eleventh world war. Arrival at the Ngapali beaches, it is free for your free times. Accommodation in a Ngapali Hotel. Arrival at the Ngapali beaches, it is free for your free times.

Accommodation in a Ngapali beach resort. In the mornings we will spend our free hours at the shore and then we will take a shuttle to the Yangon International Airfield for the return flights. Once you have checked into your Yangon hotels, take your free day for a few hours of exploring and buying in Yangon. Another one in Yangon. You will be picked up from your accommodation at Yangon International for your connecting flights.

This will be the end of your great journey with Travel Expert. Please do not hesitate to get a rebate or promotional offers for individuals, families or groups. Please do not hesitate to get a rebate or promotional offers for individuals, families or groups. Most Myanmar travel service and extended trips from capitals and supplemental hotels, balloon right, special sight-seeing for dolphins and subsequent option tours:

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