Exotic Longhair


Made from Persian and Himalayan hybrids, the Exotic Longhair is a long-haired version of the Exotic Shorthair. Exotic Longhair is a charming, friendly and calm cat, developed by crossing the Persians with Exotic Shorthair. The Bravlion Cattery of Florida presents our exotic long-haired cats, available kittens and breed information. If two Exotic Shorthairs are crossed, they can produce long-haired kittens, which are called "Exotic Longhairs" by the Cat Fanciers' Association. Are exotic long-haired kittens friendly and playful?

exotics longhair

Longhair is on its way. Features for the Exotic Longhair will follow shortly. If you are considering to add a new exotic longhair to your pedigree or already have one, it is important for you to know about the genetic disorders that are more common in this cattery.

Not every Exotic Shorthair will have these issues, of course, but research shows that your friend is more at risk than any other race. Become a competent and self-confident part of the pets parenting process by researching the medical issues of Exotic Longhair. Talk to your vet on each vet appointment about the vet's own veterinary needs and the most important issues to consider at home.

A few medical problems that an exotic longhair might encounter: Story for the Exotic Longhair is soon to come. Signposts to look out for will be arriving soon for the Exotic Longhair.

exotics longhair

Exotic Longhair is a delightful, friendly and calm kitty that has been created by crossbreeding the Persians with Exotic Shorthair. It is a moderate and sturdy race, ideal for families and individuals. Exotic Shorthair was the product of a unsuccessful attempt at cultivation.

During the 1950s the American Shorthair breeder wanted to bring attractive silvery colours and the Persians' verdant hair. In order to reach this aim, they hybridized these two races and got fascinating, pretty catkins, which were not very similar to the American Shorthairs.

At first she was planning to raise females only with a coat of sterling silver, but little by little copies of all colors appeared. This new race was named Exotic Shorthair. Besides the American Shorthair the Russisch Blau and the Burmese were used in their cattery. As the short-haired genes refer to the dominating species, a few outcrossings were enough to incorporate them permanently into the race's genes.

Therefore the shoots were rebred to the Persians after the first outcrossings for the acquisition of the Kurzmantels. Exotic Shorthair's growth was severely hampered by the lack of willingness of cooperation among them. Gradually, as the young race made good advances and more and more lovers deserved, many Arabian breeder change their minds and agree to help them develop and promote.

Today the Exotic Shorthair and the Persians have the same standards down to the fur length. In 1967 the Cat Fanciers Association recognized the race. The award was presented in 1979 with acknowledgement from the International Cat Association. At the moment it is allowed to cross the Exotic Shorthair only on the Persian and the Hymalayan.

Exotic Longhair happened to appear in a throw of Exotic Short Hairs. These cats cannot be excluded as Persian or Exotic short hair. Thus the breeder chose to create a new race - the Exotic Longhair, which is actually the long-haired version of the short-haired version of the long-haired Persian.

Exotic Longhair is a gentle, submissive and open-minded female that can adapt well to all living environments. It is known for being much more vigorous and curious than its close relative Persians, making it perfect for an vibrant group. These cats are good with other domestic animals and can coexist in peace with a friend.

Exotic Longhair can be used to toy for long periods of time so that it can have fun when you are at work. He will be happy for every moment in your business and will always be at your side, whether you are relaxing on the sofa or doing your housework.

It is generally calm, but if it is like speaking, it will speak to you in a gentle and melodic tone of voice. Therefore, the race is generally calm. Exotic long-haired is usually fond of intimate humans, but the members of the race are somewhat distrustful of the foreign. As a well brought up and cute domestic cats the Exotic Longhair still needs the chance to meet her own inquisitiveness.

This can be a balanced and peaceful animal if it is always around your loving and attentive. Frequent issues for the race are: Caring for the exotic long hairstyle demands little effort. It is a deseasonal dandruff and needs additional swimming and brushing to get out of the shed.

Use a hairdryer or a tripod drier to dry the cat's coat thoroughly after each dip, but the heat should be kept to a minimal level to prevent burning. The Exotic is very susceptible to tearing due to its shallow face.

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