Exchanging Money in Burma

Money Exchange in Burma

We do not recommend exchanging money in a bank or at the airport, as prices are less competitive, although you will probably need to receive a small amount in local currency on arrival to pay for transport to the city. Myanmar's tourists have more and more opportunities when it comes to spending money abroad. US dollars (in real currency) are the only foreign currency accepted for exchange within Myanmar. At first I heard that money should only be exchanged on the black market. Don't trade money on the street or on the black market.

Money Exchange in Burma - Myanmar Forum

$1 (US dollar) = 783 Kyats. EUR 1 (euro) = 1041.92 Kyats. GBP (British Pound) = 1218.87 Kyats. MYPY 1 (Japanese yen) = 10.09 Kyats. CNY (China Yuan) = 123.08 Kyats. {\a6}1 THB (Thailand Baht) = 3,934 Kyats. MasaIaIa ringgit (1 MYR) = 247.95 kyats. I BDT (Bangladesh Taka) =10.00 Kyats.

One SGD = 604.17 K. I AED ( "Dirhams" UAE) = 213.1 Kiev. KRW 1 (South Korea won) = 0.682 Kwat. CHF 1 (Switzerland francs) = 844.6 CYATS. aud1 = 794.60 k. $1 CAD (Canadian dollar) = 765.3 kyat. MXN1 ('Mexican Pesos') = 57.44 Kie.

HKD 1 (Hong Kong dollar) = 100.6 Kyats. The South African Rand = 95.77 Kyats. For the Philippine Pesos: 1 PHP = 17.95 Kyats. Twenty-nine hundred kyats. S017 Kyats. RUB 1 (Russia ruble) = 24.88 kyats. IDR ("Indonesian Rupees") = 0.086 Kyats.

INR (India Rupees) = 14.91 Kyats. For the Pakistan Rupees: 1 PKR = 8.83 Kyats. I LKR (Sri Lanka Rupees) = 6.87 Kyats. Please note: This information is derived from the Yangon Dollar market.

Money management in Myanmar (Burma)

Handling money in Myanmar is simpler than ever. We were very concerned about how we would handle money in Myanmar on our August 2014 journey. Most of a fortnight before our journey we freaked out what we should do and walked around Chang Mai to find the best US dollar we could find, still scared when we landed on the Mandalay asphalt that we hadn't raised enough money to survive our whole journey.

It was such a big break when we came to Myanmar. Each town except one we went to had ATM machines that would accept debit or credit card foreigners, and legitimate money exchangers were easily found. These are the places we have been visiting, which since August 2014 have ATM machines that accept international debit cards:

Towns with cash machines that accepts international cards: Also, we went to Hpa-an, which didn't have cash machines when we were there, but money-exchang. In order to convert money to Myanmar, you will need folded, unselected US dollar notes after 2006. Cracks, kinks or marks on an invoice make it unbearable for almost any money exchanger or counterfeit.

If you want to change a large amount of money, you will get 50's or 100's in US dollars. Accommodation and coach ticketing agencies often take US$ instead of Kyat, so please provide 1, 5, 10 and 20 US$ for these payments (still crunchy, tidy and after 2006).

You can find the current US dollar/kyat conversion rates here. Myanmar is a country where things are moving fast and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest travelling information. Wikitravel, Reddit and www.go-myanmar.com are recommended for the latest information on your itinerary.

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