Exchange Rate Sgd to Myanmar Kyat

Sgd to Myanmar Kyat Exchange Rate

You have the best exchange rate for MMK in all of Singapore, also because it is Little Burma. Send from Singapore Dollar to Yangon from Singapore The USDMMK spot rate indicates how much one currency is currently worth in relation to the other. The currency converter displays the market rates and is not an indicator for OFX customer rates. Exchange rates of the world's major currencies. View Transferwise's current rates for different currencies.

10,000 Myanmar Kyat in Singapore dollars, translate 10000 MMK to SGD

This site provides the exchange rate from 10000 Myanmar Kyat (MMK) to Singapore Dollar (SGD), selling and converting rate. We have also added the top visualisation and exchange rate chart histories for 10000 Myanmar Kyat (MMK) in Singapore dollars (SGD) from Friday, July 6, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018.

Last exchange rate update of 10000 Myanmar Kyat (MMK). Translate 10000 MMC to SGD. Amount is 10000 Myanmar Kyat to Singapore Dollar - 9.61 Singapore Dollar.

60,000 MMC to SGD

You' ve transformed 60000 MMK into SGD: 57.67 Singapore dollars. We used the international exchange rate for this operation: Myanmar Kyats can be translated into other currency using the currency conversion forms on the right. When you want to know cash equivalent of 60000 Myanmar Kyat in other currency, see "In other currencies".

This is a conversion tool that uses the international exchange rates. The exchange rate is updated hourly.

Forecurrencies, exchange rates

The Telegraphic Transfer ("TT") and On Demand ("OD") are exchange rate related hedges. TT rate applies to investment fund that have already been settled with the bank, while OD rate is used elsewhere. Bid rate is used when sell to the bank and ask rate when buy to the bank.

Prices are prices and may be changed without previous notification. Pricing information is also available free of charge at 1800-111 1111.

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