Exchange Money Thai and Myanmar

Money exchange Thai and Myanmar

Like its neighbours India and Thailand, Myanmar has a dual pricing policy. Current exchange rates for the conversion of Myanmar Kyats (MMK) into Thai Baht (THB). Be careful of bad exchange rates. In many cases, banks and traditional providers have additional costs that they pass on to you by increasing the exchange rate. Travellers can withdraw money in US$, SGD and Bath Thai.

Converting USD/USD. The United States Dollar to The United States Dollar

We have ranked the most favoured US dollar exchange rates as the USD/EUR exchange rates. Our monetary ranking shows that the most favored US dollar exchange rates are USD/EUR.

There is a dollar exchange rate key for dollars, and the exchange rate sign is $.

Myanmar Money Exchange in Thailand - Myanmar Message Board

I and a mate of mine came to Chiang Mai from Yangon today and we raised about 500 Euro in Myanmar. Will there be anyone going to Myanmar in the next few nights or even more? We' re in Chiang Mai for the next 4 or 5 dai.

We' re always there for you. Thanks, the last in Bangkok, they sold Myanmar Kyaat at the bank along the Kaosan Rd, which came as a surprise to me, as it is not an official foreign exchange, most travellers who have left Myanmar can now exchange their Kyaat for $'s in bank overdrafts.

One of my British friends made the same error, but asked in the forum if someone who went to Myanmar would buy them from him - which I did.

Change Money for Burma

I' d only take US$, because Thai Baht can get a ruffled exchange rat. Do it at the airfield, the prices are the same everywhere. Bearbeiten: Forgetting to say, I don't even think you can modify Thai Baht at the airfield I've only seen the back road switcher that THB take.

Today there are many money exchange offices, also at Yangon and Mandalay airport, which will exchange currency such as Baht at good exchange rate. I have only ever landed to Myanmar since the opening of the country's frontiers, not Yangon since April 2013, but even in October 2013, a great money change machine right behind the Thai embassy, right next to the Pyay Roads Exchange Baht and many other important currency at BIG exchange rate, in excess of the standard US dollars, SGD and EUR that can be exchanged by bank.

Central money change at the airports makes USD/SGD/EUR, just like all other airlines in the state. So, if you are insisting on not taking Baht, you could certainly have EUR or SGD that are just as good (if not better) than US dollars, because unlike US dollars, their state will not be studied so closely and it is just as simple to buy EUR or SGD as US dollars, enough with this silly US dollar possession, there are other important commodities out there.

When arriving by land, please take ONLY Baht. Cause you can get great exchange rate for Baht to Kyat on both sides of the line and I don't even know if the exchange rate will be Myawady or Tachilek because almost nobody trades US dollars or other currency there.

At the Thai side they will exchange all the important currency, but then you would first get Baht, which misses the target. Just the same as the bank in Myawady/Tachilek do USD/EUR/SGD, but most poeple are dealing with road money exchangers, as the bank is very new and doesn't seem to employ forex...yet.

At Mae Sai a very good money change machine near the Kyat boarder will be selling you Kyat at good prices, but funny enough most folks in Tachilek Baht like it. Nevertheless, it is worth bringing Kyat and getting the local population to use it, as the cash machines in the city only give you Kyat anyway.

The overwhelming bulk of foreign nationals, whether tourist or businessmen, will fly to Yangon or Mandalay with only one rill across the country border to Thailand, so it will not be hard for them to exchange money once they arrive there, whether it is US$, EUR, SGD, THB, CNY, AUD, CHF or any other important money.

I' m not even living in Myanmar, but I know all this.

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