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Headquartered in Kalaw, Southern Shan State, we are a local, family-owned trekking company. Trekking services Eversmile, Kalaw, Mon State, Burma. Come to us and...

.don't lose your smile!!!!

Wellcome to Ever Smile Trekking....our home based business in Kalaw, Southern Shan State! At Ever Smile we have a long association with the local churches in which we live, giving you an even more happy and unforgettable time! 3 hour trek for dinner on the hill with Nepalese cuisine.

We will hike for another 3 hrs in the afternoons. Hiking for an hr we see our first settlement Hin Kha Kone (tribe - Palaung) before we see two more settlements named Myin dike and Ywa Pu (tribe - Danu). At about 5 pm we will be arriving in Ywa Pu to stay the first overnight in a basic farmhouse.

Around 5 or 6 pm we reach the town where we will stay the second overnight with another group. Nowadays we see picturesque towns, a local schools and after 4 hrs walk we reach the lakes. We' ll have our lunches at the pond. Around 3 pm we reach NYAUNG SHWE, our target.

We' ll leave at the same timeframe as 3 nights, but we'll take a cab for part of the first one. You have to take a cab to a small town and stay 40 minutes in a very old farmhouse. On the next morning we will hike for 4 hrs, we will get a lakeside luncheon town, after luncheon we will have to take a boating cab, about 1 hr and half, we will cross swimming gardens, swimming towns, local fisherman and other nice places of interest on the lakes.

The Ever Smile offer a large selection of daily walks that vary according to your needs. We pass 2 Palaung towns on the way through the hills, teaplantations and. canoeing. Dinner at the Nepalese restaurants at the lookout around 12-13 o'clock. We will then head back through the mountain to Kalaw, about 2 hrs hiking tour.

There is a second way to hike through the jungles back to Kalaw, which lasts about 3 h. A 15-minute Myint Ka-Take cab from Kalaw. Arrival in the town (????????) and 2,5 hrs on foot to the town of Pein Ne Pinn. We' ll have our lunches in the town of Pein Ne Pinn.

We reach the Myin Ma Hti cavern for dinner. Return to Kalaw through the pinewood for 2.5 h.

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