European Shorthair Kitten

Eurpoean Shorthair Kittens

Lighter in nature than the mixed breed cat, the European Shorthair is calmer and gentler. Kitten and cat+. Exotic Best Shorthair of the Year IW SGC Purr Elli Light Em Up/CF Red Classic Tabby. The best exotic shorthair kitten of the year IW Starolympus King Kong Black. Rummage in European Shorthair Cats & Kittens for sale.

European Shorthair: features and images

Also known as the "Roman cat", the European feline was widespread throughout Europe at that age. The European feline tends to be two-coloured, with a short-haired coat of tabs, but can also have longhaired, hawk-like or motley gene. As a rule, European kittens are medium-sized, although it is usual that the male is somewhat bigger and more muscled than the female.

Mean European cats have a broad and round face, a thick cock at the roots and a sharp tip. Well-known and most used. A colour: Although the most frequent are whites and blacks, they can also produce shades of grey. It'?s marbled: Marble is a variant of the uncommon bark.

A European puppy can be recognised if it has a thick line that follows the whole spinal column and other streaks on the sides: it is thick and well marked. Also, small orange-coloured forms may appear on married females. Bicolour: Normally they are a mixture of pure whiteness and blackeness, but they can also appear in either of them.

There' s a great diversity of European bicoloured males. Tricolour: Usually for women and usually blended together with red, yellow and amber. Lastly, we are adding that the length of their fur can differ, although they are usually short-haired. Even though each female has her own personality, the European female is usually a bit self-sufficient.

You are very smart and tidy with powerful shooting abilities that you will quickly see when you choose to adoption one. It adapts to all kinds of houses and is a very robust cattery. You' ll love a very cute pet, but with a personality that lets you see the advantages of a cattery.

There is no need for excess maintenance to keep this race in top shape as, as we have already mentioned, they are particularly well-cleaned. They should be brushed once a weeks with a cat hair dryer. Good nutrition is the best way to take good charge of them, as it directly affects the luster of their fur and their envyable bodily well being.

They must monitor their nutrition correctly and find out about the quantities of nutrition they need, depending on their weights and ages, so that they do not become obese. Exercise and spiritual stimulus will also be a good instrument to help you get the most out of a good and mature cats. Keep in mind that they need the basics for every other kitten and blend in wonderfully in every setting, every environment and every home.

Provide them with a comfortable crib, toy and good meals and you will be enjoying a healthful and lucky kitten for many years to come. A European female can grow up to 15 years old, although she lives longer with good care. As a rule, the most frequent illnesses of this race are:

Learn about hairballs in your kitten to ensure they are treated correctly and to avoid your kitten having gastro-intestinal disorders related to this condition.

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