European Burmese


European Burmese is a very loving, intelligent and loyal cat. The Burmese come in brown, chocolate, blue and purple. A loving and loving European, she shows loyalty to her people, seeks company and wants to actively participate in every project. European Burmese is a medium sized, short-haired cat of Far Eastern origin. Coming from Europe, this strong cat with a muscular build was a great hunter.

Race profile: Burmese Europeans

It is one of the greatest benefits of buying a pedigree cats that you know the character and traits of the cats. It will help you choose the race that best suits your home, your home, your home and your life style. European Burmese is a very loving, smart and faithful cats.

As they may choose a preferred member of the household, there is a good chance that they will be able to communicate with everyone in the house, as well as all the people who come to call. You will quickly become a friend of other kittens and even a dog, making them the ideal companion for your line. Fostering a European Burmese is very simple.

To keep such a scarce sweetheart in the house and to castrate or sterilize it are all important factors to enable your European Burmese to live a long, happy and happy time. European Burmese is a middle size, short-haired female of Far East origin. It is an elegance with softly curved outlines, strong bones and outstanding muscles.

They are large, vigilant and powerful, with colours that range from yellows to cream. Burmese in Europe and Burmese in North America come from the same spring - Wong Mau, the first Burmese to be imported into the West by Dr. Thompson in 1930. Since Wong Mau was the only example of her kind, she had to be paired with another race of similar sorts.

The resulting casts showed that Wong Mau wore a pointed gen himself, as the cats were both firm and pointed in their casts. Particulate matter was chosen for further reproduction of the race. Coming from the United States, the race expanded eastwards to the United Kingdom, where the same shortage of animals for rearing resulted in the reintroduction of the Siamese.

Since then the race has followed different paths of evolution; today we have two very different looking females with two different stan-dards, both of which have ancestry. To be precise, the most evident distinction between the races is the colour palette of the European Burmese - ten. It is a deliberate and accidental introduction of this gen.

There' s also a distinction between the two Burmese races. European Burmese is an elegance, moderation and softly contoured cats, while Burmese have a dense, well balanced look. Eyeforms differ between the two races. European Burmese should have slightly curving topline sloping towards the nasal area.

Burmese should have a round opening in the eye. When you think that a European Burmese fits your Burmese and your Burmese household well, you are probably asking yourself what the next steps will be to find one. A lot of growers have websites and are also mentioned in domestic magazines. Prices are dependent on show or animal types and may differ according to venue.

A few of our catteries may be of Grand Champion (GC), National (NW), Nationalbreed ( "BW") and/or Regional (RW) victorious parents. If you decide for a kitty or an older one, you will surely have many beautiful years ahead of you with your European Burmese! Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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