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Of course, as the proprietor of the business, I am always worried about the client experiences and the general contentment with our travels. Regarding the problems associated with the journey, I discussed further both with the personnel who led the journey and with the owners of the Santa Fortunata group.

As for the "wet" seat in the coach, there were several moist ones (water from the ventilation slots of the A/C system ), and when our employees were made aware of this, they asked to change the seat (just as they provided the clients with their seat at the front of the bus), but this client declined and said that everything was in order, and he and some others did not want to move the same.

Obviously there was a customer who threw up on the coach, and although this is of course unhappy, all we can do in this emergency is make available dry-cleaners ( "especially since it was made known to our employees at the end of the trip when the young lady left the coach in Sorrent).

It is not the responsibility of the personnel to check the content of a container or pouch, as they are adult and of full-aged, and to consume wines if they wish (as is completely lawful in Italy). Accommodation, as announced on our website and in the itineraries and travel information sent to the client at the time of booking, is referred to as "Bungalow & Hotel Rooms".

The costs are not 6-?9 per guest per day, as this client cites. Maybe this can be promoted somewhere as "from", but we are paying almost 30 euros per overnight stay per capita including accommodation, breakfasts and visitor's tax. A/C is not an advertisement and not a promise. The client explained that nothing was made available to him, as he had to make additional payments for everything, as only the coach and accommodation were in it.

The travel reservation page clearly states the parcel he has reserved, as it is included in the route, which is both downloaded and sent to each client after booking: "This client has been given all this. We had a direct coach shuttle from Florence to Sorrento (about 7-8 hours drive), 3 overnight stays in a twin cottage (2 beds) with ensuite bath/shower & a small veranda/deck, 3 breakfast, pick-up from accommodation and coach shuttle to Positano on Friday and early afternoon comeback. Saturday mornings we transferred from accommodation to Sorrento harbour by pleasure cruiser to Capri Island and Sunday transport to Poompei.

On Friday evening we will have a group meal with local people, a personal boating tour with bathing breaks and on Saturday in the Blue Grotto on Capri and then the entrance to Pompeii. There are no similar enterprises as this client says. - In general, there was nothing deceptive or wrong on the journey, and everything was offered/included as it was promoted.

I' m taking every critique and complaint seriously, but in this case it seems to be a character who did not understand the travel detail and therefore had hopes that went beyond what the realities of the journey were (and probably never slept in a basic shared room or lodging in an ltalian bungalow).

Regarding the last remark that as a client you have to "make sure you go to the same college" as the audioguides, or they will be impolite & insulting.... one of our employees made fun of this client about his rivalries at schools (UF Golders vs. UG Bulldogs) & even apologised to him afterwards if he got it right.

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