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To convert between this currency and any other currency, click Myanmar Kyats or Euro. Current exchange rates for converting Euros (EUR) to Myanmar Kyats (MMK). This is a practical guide for first-time visitors. We' ve teamed up with the best FX brokers in the industry to offer free money transfers from euros to Myanmar Kyats. Hello everyone, just need some quick advice about the introduction of EURO instead of USD in the country and the exchange in the country to Kyatts.

Converting USD/USD. The United States Dollar to The United States Dollar

We have ranked the most favoured US dollar spot market in terms of USD/EUR. Our monetary ranking shows that the most favored US dollar parity is the USD/EUR parity.

There is a dollar exchange rate key for dollars, and the exchange rate sign is $.

The Euro in Myanmar - Myanmar Message Board

Simple changeover from euro to dollars or from euro to dollars in Myanmar. Nearly all archaeological charges are covered by Myanmar Kieats. Myanmar's entry price has even risen last year and is covered by the Myanmar money ("Kyat")! 5 $ Shwedagon up to 8000k yats, 10 $ Bagan Zone charge up to 15000k yats, 10 $ Mandalay Zone charge up to 10000kyats.

Payment in Euro recommended - Myanmar Message Board

Guess in most guesthouses you can buy your room with a debit/drawcard? When you arrive at the banks you can modify your for Kyoto or use the ATMs, but please be aware that there is a fee of 5000kyat and they only spend it. So, the euro thing. When you convert to $ at BKK, you are losing twice at the foreign currency rates, so please adjust your ? when you arrive in Myanmar.

So I went to a FX desks bench so I would only get my FX in US dollars. All I took was the amount of Euros I needed and exchanged them at the Yangon to Kyats Aiport. Everything was very simple and I never felt insecure about keeping the money around or keeping it in the safety deposit box in my leg.

Also I had an ATM and credit cards and told my hotel that I was going to Myanmar, but I never had to use them, I converted Kyats back to euros at Mandalay International which was also no problem. When you take Euro, you can buy Kyat OR US$ anywhere in Myanmar where there is an currency bureau, and that is also at Ygn International or so.

Currency = Currency in Myanmar, no problems and you mostly need Kyats. You' re billed 5000 Kyats per payout. Most of the hotel (not many restaurants) also have payment card with a 4% supplement. On my journey to Myanmar in March this year I only took Euro with me. I' ve turned them into Kyat, mostly at KBZ bankers, in several towns.

That' s no sweat and the currency parities are pretty good. Invoices of 50 and 100 Euro get a slightly better price. I think you can almost cover it all with Kyat now. For example the entry for Bagan or Inle Lake is actually in US Dollar (20 and 10), but it was no issue to use Kyat (21 and 11).

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