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Ethiad Airways

√Čtihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. Compare Verified Etihad Airways customer reviews, view Etihad Airways photos, review customer reviews and opinions about Etihad Airways standards. The multi-award-winning national airline of the United Arab Emirates is Etihad Airways. The remarkable hometown of Etihad Airways served as inspiration for a new brand whose extraordinary touchpoints will reinvent aviation. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Etihad Airways.

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Atihad Airways reviews and reviews

The plane was a good one! It was good of you! These we got on our last plane! It will be great when the airlines use it again, which was useful for the people! Though it was my first time with Etihad Airways, but it wasn't a poor decision, the airlines had to upgrade the free Wi-Fi system, I didn't like the meal either, but my overall expertise was good, I mean the help of personnel, cleanness was good, check-in and boarder.

Whilst our Sydney to Brussels trip was good, the return trip from Frankfurt to Sydney was very mediocre. The place was stuffed with people and the meal was horrible. The legroom and the entire seating is not great, but equivalent to other carriers on the same aircraft. Leaving on schedule.

It is a Dreamliner package. I have to say more.... check-in smoothly and plane probably only half full. Plenty of legroom, good meals and helpful staff. I' ve used Emirates a lot and was a little stunned when I came into Etihad when I looked at the legroom, it's pretty narrow.

For the last ten years I have flown Etihad Airways. That year I saw a huge drop in the number of services provided by the company.

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