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Further destinations are historical sites, modern city districts, "ethnic pockets" of the city, fairs / festivals, theme parks and natural ecosystems. Cultural Patrimony Tourism - Wikipedia Weiler and Hall say that for a long time now, art, history and legacy have been contributing to the attractiveness of this touristic city. In recent years, however, "culture" has been re-discovered as an important instrument of promotion to win over travelers with a particular interest in patrimony and art. Hollinshead says that tourism with a specialisation tendency is the fastestgrowing sector of the tourism world.

It is a growing number of visitors seeking adventures, cultural, historical, archaeological and interactive experiences with the population. Cultural tourism includes visits to historic or commercial places, including old channels, railroads, battlefields, etc. Cultural tourism is promoted by the communities in many states and their administration entities through advertising and tourism information, e.g. in towns such as Bydgoszcz[13] or Warsaw.

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