Noun[edit]. erime (definitely accusativ erimeyi, Plural erimeler). Can you tell me what the word erime means? Search and find the definition, synonyms and antonyms of the word erime in our free online dictionary! A list of all English words that have been terminated by ERIME.

berime. You will learn erime in English translation and other related translations from Turkish into English.

For the surname Erime, 3,000 data from the German Population Survey are available.

For the surname Erime, 3,000 data from the German Population Survey are available. Erime Population History can tell you where and how your forefathers worked, their educational background, their veterans and more. There' 642 immigrant records for the last name erime. Timetables are your tickets to find out when your forebears landed in the USA and how they made the voyage - from the name of the vessel to the port of destination and alighting.

For the surname Erime, 1,000 files are available. Army collectibles offer veteran Erime users insight into where and when they were serving, and even into their own physis.

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The cases covered in 119 include Pinochet rulings by English, Hispanic, Belgium and Luxembourg court. There is also an important ICSID ruling in Metalclad (and the British Columbia ruling) and the Court of Marine Demarcation Phase Two of the Eritrea-Yemen case. Lastly, Vol. 119 presents the August 2000 ruling of Southern Bluefin Tuna (Australia and New Zealand v Japan).


It can be used for many puns: crossword puzzle, arrow puzzle, riddle, scrabble, Words With Friends, executioner, the longest term, and for creatively writing: Looking for poems and words corresponding to the Ouvroir de Littérature Potenentielle (OuLiPo: Laboratory of Prospective Literature) compulsions, such as lipogrammes, panagrams, anagrams, univocalics, university sonantics, etc.?

The words and their definition come from the free Wiktionary free of charge online license of the software program CCC. The Wiktionary contains many more words - especially Proper Names and inflections: Plural of Names and Past Form of Verb - than other Englishlanguage lexicons such as the Official Scrabble Players and Club Word List (OTCWL / OWL / TWL) from the National Scrabble Association and the Collins Scrabble Words used in the UK (about 180,000 words each).

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