Entering Myanmar from Thailand

Entry to Myanmar from Thailand

The simple Myanmar E-Visa system applies to travel through the Thai-Myanmar border points Mae Sai/Tachileik, Mae Sot/Myawaddy and Ranong/Kawthaung and the Indian-Myanmar border points Tamu/Moreh and Sohkawthar/Rikhawdar. I' d enter Myanmar on the border between Mae Sai and Tachileik and return to Thailand on one of the southern borders. All you need to know to cross Myanmar by land with your own vehicle. Is it possible to enter Thailand through Myanmar with my motorhome?

Myanmar over land from Thailand

Op... this directive IS to do with Tamu-Moreh Edge... and yes there was a new review from someone who occurred there, with MTT permission also got on them coming out there, but then she left via a country Edge with Thailand... To get in and out at the Thai country borders....it is NOT a problem....you can get in and out over any combination of these 4 open country boundaries, and/or with the country boundaries in and out...the ONLY small issue with the Myanmar/Thailand boundaries is the Mae Sai to Taichileik in the northern, since you can only get to Kengtung on the highway, and then need a home trip further into the interior, since the Kengtung - Taunggyi Strait is not yet for Fuits....

Otherwise there is no problem with the Thai crossing of country frontiers......

Multiple cross -country Thai-Myanmar border now accessible to e-visa travellers

Myanmar's immigration ministry on Thursday said that three immigration control points are now open to foreign nationals entering Thailand on e-visas. "We' re happy to announce that from September 1, 2016 E-Visa will be available for entry into Myanmar (Burma) from the following three Myanmar-Thai crossings - Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung," said the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population on its website.

Until now, only Rangoon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw airport users could access the land on e-visas. The charges for the long-haul VIS are the same as before: $50 for a 28-day touristic and $70 for a 70-day commercial visum, to be paid on-line by MasterCard, Amex, or JCB.

The new route announcements are certainly well accepted by fearless travelers from all 100 counties qualifying for e-visa, who no longer have to wait in line at a Myanmar consulate to get a seal to travel to the state. Now, however, there are three ways for travelers from the north, center or south of Thailand to travel to Burma:

Sai Mae is Thailand's most northern point, about 250 kilometers from Chiang Mai. When they cross the river to Shan State, Tachileik, they find themselves in a powdery boatleg settlement where goods are available at low-cost. From Tachileik, a four- to five-hour coach trip will take you to Kengtung, an adorably dozy quasicolonial city that also provides an outstanding introductory tour to some of Burma's countless people.

The Friendship Bridge to Myawady offers a coach service to the beautiful city of Hpa-an in Karen State or Moulmein in Mon State, both good connections to Yangon. Ranong's busy fishermen harbour is easy to reach from Phuket, Koh Samui and the other paradisiacal southern Thailand sands.

They can also take a night coach from Bangkok to Ranong or, even better, Nok Air has recently started low-cost combat from Bangkok Don Mueang. After crossing Kawthaung (make sure you change and have enough Myanmar currency - maybe you won't see an ATM for a long time), drive to the Andaman coast of Myanmar.

Burma is making great strides to attract overseas travel. Although it hurts the public to acknowledge it, most of their visitors - almost five million last year - are lorrymen, dealers and businessmen from Thailand and China. With both Thailand and Myanmar signing more and more treaties on commerce, road-building schemes and industrial areas, more and more opportunities are opening up for those with a taste for adventures - a way to see some wonderful unspoiled places before everyone else arrives.

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