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Anyone take a vacation from Australia. Enjoy Myanmar resort, sales, industry and description. Gift Certificates from Enjoy Myanmar Holiday Tours & Travel Vouchers. But now that there are still a few restaurants, hotels and interiors open for the water festival in Myanmar, you can enjoy your stay. Burma is a fantastic place to enjoy tea.

100 percent happily - Review of Enjoy Myanmar Holiday, Mandalay, Myanmar

After a great day in Myanmar we had a great journey and on the second day we meet our great travel guide from Sydney in Yangon, which made a great journey possible. Burma is a beautiful place to go, we really loved it, the folks, the cuisine and the places to go were astonishing, Yangon, InLe Lake, Mandalay and Bagan.

Aung Lin Shwe in Yangon, Yin Yin in Inle Lake, Soe Soe in Mandalay and Aung Aung Aung in Bagan (we named him A Ha after the track Ah-a as I like it and chanted it to him 8 nights a week from the Beatles after telling us about the pagoda and the 8 pages with which he was very entertained.

They were all very good and very well-informed about their lovely land, we valued Yin Yin's reflectiveness and expertise in Inle Lake, we had a few great few nice get-togethers with her, she is an advantage for your business, as are the other great coaches. They were punctual, the transportation was outstanding and always on schedule, and with very secure and attentive pilots who always made us feel at ease and enjoy our sojourn in their state.

Inlelake was a very beautiful hotel 81, although we found the Yangon Hotel Khatter only a little far away from the thrill. They were all interesting and informed and covered all the important places, so some astonishing pictures were taken? Every town was great - but my favorite place was InLe Lakes - had a magic days on the water in the long boat and Yin Yin was awesome, we also got to visit a town and see exactly what the locals were producing, they all worked extremly harshly and spend some quality hours in the beautiful warm wells.

Thanks to Brian for your quick answers to all my e-mails and your attentiveness to detail, it was really a great journey, loving everything, also the meal was fantastic and Myanmar Beer very kind and a great pricec. Myanmar's population is very kind and supportive, many want to take their pictures with us.

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