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Whether it is a static HTML website or an extended Java/PHP/Perl website, we can professionally translate any Burmese website. In order to translate, you MUST have a university degree in this subject and in your native language (i.e. not English). Have you got legal documents that need to be translated from Burmese into English?

Would you like certified translations or affidavits for your documents? Free professional translations and online translators.

Translation English - Myanmar

is the automated translation from one native to another native tongue. The use of computer technology as a tool for analysing and using human speech and, like a computer, to learn more about how humans handle it. The English-Myanmar Translation System was created by the NLP Team, University of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar, under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the University of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar.

The introduction of the English-Myanmar translation system is aimed at achieving the following objectives: While the system is built on syntactical and semiantic analyses, the translation of composite phrases and sections is not yet complete.

As Myanmar continues to open up to international investments, there are huge commercial possibilities in this officially sealed land paralysed by imposed trade restrictions.

As Myanmar continues to open up to international investments, there are huge commercial possibilities in this officially sealed land paralysed by imposed trade restrictions. So if you are looking to conquer the Myanmar territory, you need precise Myanmar translation service and the help of Myanmar native-speaking translators who know how to be professional and have an understanding of company policy.

Burma's bi-lingual interpreters can be contacted by telephone or in-person with only 24 hours' lead time and 24/7 translation of all your corporate documentation.

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For free translation click here. Automated translation is a cost-effective option to traditional translation. Immediately and easily convert web sites, files, e-mails and texts into up to 15 different language versions. Web site translators - Have your website users translated as needed. The Translation API allows you to add translation service to any web site or document, translating large volumes of text or creating your own translation solutions.

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You use SYSTRANet Online Linguistic Interpreter to get the information you need in near-realtime. Whether for home or work, SYSTRANet's free online translation services allow you to convert any text, website, document or RSS news item into the desired languages. Online translators are fast and simple to use!

SYSTRANet, the online translation tool, allows you to compile brief text with up to 3,000 char. Free-of-charge translation of any website or web page with smooth browsing features, alternate meaning, viewing and more. Quickly and freely compile RSS news in SYSTRANet or insert the RSS feed into your preferred RSS readers.

Online translation of all Microsoft Office (DOC, DOCX), RTF, HTML, HTM and TXT document types. Generate a custom glossary with your own terms that overwrites the standard translation words. Get SYSTRANet on line translation of texts and data by e-mail. The SYSTRANET is the best online translation tool available free of charge on the Internet.

You can quickly and easily compile the information you need with this online self-service translation tool.

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