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Translate English to Myanmar (Burmese) from English to Myanmar (Burmese). English- Myanmar Language Translation Providing complete answers to our customers' needs, we deliver consistent excellence of customer care over a period of development. provides a timely and professionally designed voice translation facility that converts a voice language resource (either from English or Myanmar) into writing. No matter whether you need a simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for your company meetings, we have the right interpreters in our staff for your needs.

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We at Speak & Translate are an essential language and text translator, enabling you to efficiently translate and translate in every world. OUTSTANDING TRANSLATIONS: Speech recognition for text-to-text mode: If you do not know the language of the code, choose Recognise language from the language group.

Please note: The free edition may be restricted (e.g. number of times a day ) and the restrictions may vary. Part of the services are compiled by Microsoft®. Portions of the site compiled by Google Translate? Talk to speak translation is available between: Arabian, Catalan, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwan), Czech, Dutch, English (Australian, Canada, Indian, UK, US), Finnish, French, French (Canadian), Greek, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Indonesian, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Brazilian, Portugese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portugal, Portugues, Italian, Portugues e-Italian, Portugues, Moldavian, Norwegian

Language-to-text translation is supported: Text-to-text translation between 117 different language versions is available, the language lists can be found at Download Website Links (http://www.apalon.com/speak_and_translate.html). Speak & Translate Premium and enjoy: Select from various subscriptions available. The default subscriptions we offer are: Subscriptions are debited to your Apple Store at the time you confirm your order and at the start of each renew period.

Subscriptions with a free probation phase are extended to subscriptions with costs. Cancell your iTunes account or free evaluation in iTunes Preferences at least 24 hours before the free evaluation expires. Termination will take effect on the next available billing date after the last date of the ongoing membership and you will be upgraded to the free of charge services.

Please note: Any part of a free evaluation time that is not used (if offered) expires if you buy a free evaluation time. In order to have full control over all Speak & Translate functions, you must allow it: - The following functions: Locations - to enable automated language selections for your guest countries when travelling.

Microphone & Language Recognition - for voice-to-speech transmissions to work. Notifications - to keep you up to date on new Apple amenities and interesting linguistic facts. If you want to compile your own voicemails, you must change to voicemail language. Text and audio are available in the free versions of the application with certain language limitations.

When you are not yet willing to receive a commercial release, you can use a free release for as long as you want.

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