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To select multiple dictionaries, click the icon to display one. Define Myanmar | Myanmar at Dictionary.com The Union of, Burma's legal name. Cambodia seems to have a thriving civic community in comparison with its neighbours Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. Have you visited Myanmar, which is one of the other major locations?

In 2006 I travelled to Myanmar for a few week with a journalism lover, and it kind of knocked me out.

It was prosecuted by Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and China prosecutors. Joining the Muang Tai Army, a former Myanmar branch of the Myanmar opposition, he struggled against the Burmese army jungle, an ancient name for a part of Burma and a mother tongue name for the land that was formally elected by Burma's Burmese army leaders in 1989.

Burma's legal name since 1989. Copyright © 2005 par Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag.

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This resource is mainly the Myanmar-English dictionary (1993, Myanmar Language) - The dictionary contains about 35,000 words, among them oral and written languages, the name of the shared wildlife and wildlife, and ancient and outdated words. Myanmar's native tongue is Burma's main one. Myanmar Dictionary - Some useful words from Burma.

Ornagai Myanmar-English dictionary. Usefull sentences in Myanmar A set of useful sentences in Myanmar, a Burmese-Lolish tongue mainly vernacular. Learn English Myanmar Vocabulary Learn Myanmar quickly and simply. Myanmar English-Burmese online dictionary for English and Myanmar, Myanmar in both languages. English-Burmesian dictionary. San Lwin Myanmar Dictionary - English-Myanmar dictionary.

The Karenni Lexicon (PDF document) Myanmar - Karenni Lexicon. The Judson Burmese-English dictionary, by Judson, Adoniram, 1788-1850; Stevenson, Robert Charles, 1851-1905; Eveleth, F. H. (Frederick Howard), 1843-1932. Eglo Myanmar dictionary (Google eBook) Anglo-Burmese dictionary by George Henry Hough. German Myanmar Dictionary (Google eBook) A dictionary: Google Book Search.

English-Myanmar Online Dictionary A Myanmar website with Learn Myanmar Online and English to Myanmar Dictionary. Myanmar-English dictionary Judson's Myanmar-English dictionary. Judson A. Burmese-English dictionary Judson A. Myanmar-English dictionary Judson's Burmese-English dictionary. Myanmar-English dictionary Judson's Myanmar-English dictionary. Myanmar dictionary Myanmar paper dictionary, composed of Dr. Judson's English and Myanmar by F. D. Phinney; Myanmar and English by F. H. Myanmar vocabulary and phrases in English and Myanmar by Bennett, Cephas, 1804-1885.

Myanmar dictionary Anglo-Burmese dictionary / by Rev. G. H. Hough. Myanmar, Moroccan, Norwegian and English dictionary. Contributions language:

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